What is the best way to grind Justice Points?

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Hello. I have been gone from the game for a long time. I really have no interest in playing my old mains, and I think I want to level one of the few classes I've never played before, Rogue.

Right now I have two Heirloom Swords, which is fine for Combat, but recently I have fallen in love with the Shadowstep/Ambush combo... so satisfying. Ambush now doesn't require Daggers, which is nice! But Backstab still does. I'd like to pick up an Heirloom Dagger, but I am unclear on how Justice points are doled out.

Is it faster to get them from Normals or Heroics? Do Heroics give VP at the end but JP per boss? While Normals give JP at the end and JP per boss?

Excuse me for not just logging on and checking, I'm at a hotel right now on a laptop without WoW. Thanks in advance!
If I were you, I think I would just do BGs and trade the honor for justice points.

All bosses in regular dungeons including the last boss you defeat in a regular, Reward Justice Points. Additionally, You can earn 70 bonus Justice Points, At the end of each regular dungeon you complete 7 times each week.

For heroic instances, Each boss as well rewards Justice Points, upon defeating one. After you have completed a heroic by defeating the last boss, You'll earn 70 Justice Points and the amount of Valor Points you queued up for.

That is 70 Valor Points for each dungeon that was available when Cataclysm was released, And 140 Valor Points for the Zul'Gurub & Zul'Aman heroics.

Remember getting Valor Points from doing heroic instances, Can only be done 7 times each week as well.

So it is your choice in the end of how you wish to earn Justice Points.;) You can decide to go for many Justice Points rather quickly by doing regular instances, Or earn Justice and Valor Points by doing heroic instances. =)

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