Who is the best hunter?

I ask because my friend is a warrior and he is always talking about Swifty. He actually learns a lot just by watching his videos on youtube.

Who is a great hunter? And while I'm askin what are some 1 shot macros that your would recommend. Thanks.
geared hunter vs geared anything., we won't ever come close to 1 shotting anything. ever.
I would say Brang / Squanky. they are the only ones that make GOOD pvp guide vids but sadly brangs stuff is dated.
Squanky. Love his stuff.
youtube.com/sraparker let me know if you guys want to see some how to's!

That is all.

(he's the one that inspired me to stop whining and get better at being a Hunter. Now, I'm disgusted when I see people whining on this forum about how terrible Hunters are and about how blizzard hates them)
all i know about this answer is its not me, im just a padawan learner, enjoying my char for the most part and having a blast at pvp

tbh, anybody that says they are the best or they know the best, is who u should ignore
baring the ones on this post lol who are backing it up with stats :P
And while I'm askin what are some 1 shot macros that your would recommend. Thanks.

if u find one tell me so i can start figuring out how to counter it
Dont forget Bandet
Hasuit or Cherez (back in the day) although I hear good things about disectionz(?).
The Nuge
Garxz from battle group Misery. He is extremely evasive or builds a good comp that can protect him while he bursts down opponents. Currently ranked #1 on his 3v3 team and did an interview with Megatf on a website i can't remember. this is the video that blew me away.http://youtu.be/M9bEpvelvH4
Zeherah for stats and plotting. Kripparrian for skill. Durendil for soloing. WHU for entertainment (though not really a single hunter, a collection of hunters worth checking out.)

The first three are the only real big names I give full and complete credibility to when researching what other hunters are doing.
Tosan. He's gotten multiple rank 1s, and is a really good guy who makes great instructional videos.
Numbers prove it's me, bow down peasants
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of all time^ if you are looking for the hunter swifty, go youtube zumio. outstanding duel guides, good arena vids.

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