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My friend was wanting to try to pick WoW back up. He logged onto his account and when he clicked the return to wow for 7 days free thing, it gave him an error page. Has Blizz stoped offering this?
There could be some issues with parts of the bnet site due to the usual Tuesday maintenence... the entire community site was completely offline until about 40 minutes ago, so there might be a few lingering issues.

Don't know if they've stopped offering what you mentioned.
I do remember hearing that there might have been a time range that it had to be used.. so it expires so to speak.. but i could be wrong.

BUt as Akeno says, some things like adding game time, etc seem to be still down too, so it may go part in parcel with anything relating to that part of the system.
I'm having the exact same issue. My account at says i can cash in for 7 free days of play but when i click on it internet explorer warns me about the security of the website and i am told it is not found.

Update: After a few more attempts of letting some time pass I was able to get the free time.
07/27/2011 05:30 PMPosted by Darkdiiamond
it work for me

Please look at the date of a post before you necro threads.

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