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What time do daily quests reset each day?

When I get to heroics, do they have a 1 day lockout timer like the wrath ones? If so, what time do those timers reset?

I believe it is ~10:00 am server time, however, turning in dailies in near the restart has been known to count for the next day. So you want to do them (i.e., turn them in) before 9:00AM server time to ensure they reset properly. Preferably, I'd have them done before 6:00 AM server to be 100% safe. However, random LFD doesn't look at lockouts.

I think Quests are midnight server and you definately want to turn them in at least an hour before the reset.
I know daily quests reset is closer to 2-3am.

from Wowpedia about daily quests:
The exact reset hour depends on the realm, but it never changes, is chosen to be in the early morning, and will not coincide with the instance reset.

from Wowpedia about Heroic resets:
Heroic mode dungeons are on a lockout timer much like raids, and can only be run once a day per character. Each dungeon is on an independent timer, however, so a character could run as many as 15 heroic mode instances per day. Heroic timers are reset daily at 9:00 A.M. server time for US servers, and 08:00 A.M. server time for European servers. The daily random heroic resets at the same time as other dailies, generally between 2-4 A.M. realm time.

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