level 40- 58 dungeons

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could you maybe add some new dungeons. i have 9 85's and i remember getting to this point and just kinda wanting to delete my toons. the content just seems to drag on and questing is beyond boring unless you have someone to quest with. you could build into a new patch and say death wing destroyed a few dungeons and some hidden underground ones have emerged. idk i'm not a story-line writer i just would like to see some changes that's not just 85.
That level range is Zul'Furrak(the best instance in wow). I have no issues. I <3 Tanaris and Felwood as well.
yes zul farrak is fun but right after that all the dungeons bore you to death
I just hate BRD and BRS, the instant you get out of the dk starting zone BAM a dungeon you see 10 times over.
40- 58 dungeons

According to http://www.wowpedia.org/World_of_Warcraft_instances_by_level, there are 18 instances that fit that range.

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