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Gj necroing a 7 month old thread.

Do you just skip straight to page 5657709 and read those threads?

Gj re-necroing a necro'd thread from 8 Months ago.
New maps wont do anyone any good until you guys do something with the ancient and creaking matching system. Please give us the option to queue up under a gear and experience matching system. If it makes queues a bit longer, well that could be dealt with by lettiing folks queue without the matching system I suppose. Right now I'm playing on my lock who is in full s12 craftables and honor gear, my teammates are in quest greens and blues. Add to that the fact that I'm playing against 10 man premades with a full pug. It's absurd.
07/20/2011 10:59 AMPosted by Daxxarri
We’d like to. We certainly haven't forgotten about the PvP community at all

Well, you could have fooled me to be honest. Having 4 bots follow me in a game doesnt scream "haven't forgotten about the PvP community" to me, nor does having to run the same 7+ year old watered down bg's. MoP is such a huge letdown, a complete and utter failure when it comes to "peeveepee".
I would like to see a 5, 10, and or a 25 man free for all bg. That would be sick, throw them in a huge map and it would be like the hunger games, last man standing wins. With this you could grant the winner like 100g and like 150cp.

Id even be okay with it being like a tb and having a cd on it say like every half hour or hour.
Think about it.
I this this idea would be awesome but as 2's. You and a partner queue up for a game against other teams of 2 up to 40 teams... That would be badass!

Could also have a 3's up to like 26/27 teams... Keeping it around 80 players.
Stop necro-ing this thread. Make a new one.
I just with we could get rid of the roBOT ducks

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