More BG's pl0x

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PvP players are always on the short end of the stick, this last season is full of the proof of all the non sense that they have done in the long history of the PVP, bad maps, bug maps, little to no real thought process or listening to feed back on what is wrong and what works, trying to shove arena/rbgs onto people. Lack of communication on new gear upgrades, a staggering two weeks before they even tried to 'make it right' with a 4k honor, They knew that Us PVP people would farm the gear in the two week time 'they had to look into it'.. All I have seen in blue post after post going on about silly phone app upgrades, or fire lands non sense, or how they are fixing this firelands bug or the next one etc etc, Read the patch notes and its full of firelands fixes.. But Hey, we can dance in combat ~eye roll~.

It's too bad that we do not get a fair shake of attention and work that the pve side of the game gets.
Add a BG where flying mounts are required. Floating island flag capture points, etc. Could be fun times.

It's sad that World of Warcraft doesn't put more focus on war. Getting so much material and inspiration from your previous games - one would think a Warcraft MMO would be a hardcore PVPers paradise. Not so.
I would still like to see a death match.
Another thing can be where after you capture flags, convoys of "materials--lumber, gold, etc" will be generated and you have to protect them until they get to your base.
Make a new battleground that's something similar to search and destroy or juggernaut.

Make a battleground in a broken up area, like the Firelands or Netherstorm, and make it so flying mounts are enabled. One team starts off with areas they must defend and if too many of these areas are taken over before a certain point, the match ends.
As you guys make more BGs i would much rather see the ability to Q for a certain BG you would like to play rather then be practically forced to do the random BG q because of the extra honor. I think we should go back to the good old days, where you can q for 2 of your favorite battlegrounds and wait till you can enter one of them, BUT while also maintaining the ability to earn extra honor just like the random BG q. I miss doing my favorites, such as WSG or even the new BG, twin peaks. I generally like a CTF type of game. So maybe even add a feature to join a random CTF q or a random Base control game. There is plenty of opportunity to make BGs better and blizzard just has not put in the time to it, they have been focusing more on PVE and it is very obvious. Blizzard also needs to bring back the endless possabilities of world PVP or even some fun world bosses just like back in vanilla. Have a good old horde challange to take over gold shire and award 500 honor points or maybe even an SW take over for a hefty 1500 honor point reward. Although keep the AH and bankers un-killable and people able to choose whether to enter the PVP in the city because that always gets annoying. There are many things that can be done to bring PVP back to life and make it lots of fun for everyone and I think blizzard should put alot more effort into then they already are. Also just a thought, i think previous season PVP gear should be a little easier to get because its very hard to play a total of 36 hours of BGs just to get a full set and be ready for the current seasons arenas or RBGs. I myself spent 3 days having no life trying to get those 371s and i thought it was a little to much grinding.

EDIT: Also lets see some more mounts every season just like PVE gets an achievement , but of course not to hard to get because not many people are good enough or even have enough time to be a gladiator. Like the RBG mounts u get at 75, 150, and 300 wins are all the same thing. lets see something different. Also lets see a different gladiator mount for those who can actually attain it because it looks like the twighlight drake. gladiator mounts should be seen and noticable across a map and have that WOW effect. As the LK seasons frostwyrm mounts , the ICC mounts looked exactly the same and i thought that was un fair
07/20/2011 04:18 PMPosted by Mavrios
Now, for new stuff - have you considered King of the Hill? One control point in the center, and both teams fight for control over it by having more players standing on it. The team controlling it gathers points; first to 1,000 wins.

Random teams tend not to be balanced. Usually one is better than the other. In AB they'll be able to control 3 easily, sometimes lose a base, but reclaim it later on, and win with little conflict. In WSG it's usually a 3 cap. Even if it takes them 20 minutes long to do it one team tends to be better comprised and able to handle the offense/defense.

A king of the hill BG would be pointless. Most of the time one team would control it fairly easily.

Really AB/Gilneas are king of the hill BGs with more than one base.
i honestly hope they never even attempt to make a new BG/arena, i still have to afk out of IoC because it is pure awful, and ring of valor and dalaran sewers are terrible.

so please dont try and make new maps
I think AV, IoC, and SotA all need a good rework, they're just not PVP oriented. While I do have ideas for how each one could be improved, I'll try to keep this simple.

AV causes the factions to move too far away from each other to really battle, in fact they kind of run past each other on opposite sides of the middle. This shouldn't happen.

SotA, the beginning of Player Versus Wall it seems. Too much focus on demos, not enough on players fighting eachother. Also I really miss blasting enemy players from on top of the demo, a moving platform if you would.

IoC, this is a tough one. This BG has been a thorn in a PVPer/BGers side ever since the newness wore off. Too much PvWall, too spread out, too much one faction getting in your base while the other faction uses vehicles. If they can just drop in, why do we have walls anyways...
Honestly I really wish we could see under the hood more often at blizz. I can imagine what design process's you go through for a BG. the simple act of testing pathing and distance traveled in a bg to make sure both sides are fair with bots. I imagine hundreds of bots being released following paths people took over several plays of the BG and a line tracking where they went. and time marks being added to the line. It makes me giggle.
07/20/2011 10:59 AMPosted by Daxxarri
If a bit of geometry causes you to hang up, or blocks line of sight in a dungeon or raid, then in the majority of circumstances you can probably just work around it until it's fixed. If the same flaw exists in a bg or arena map, then that imperfection might be exploited for an unfair advantage, which runs contrary to the spirit of fair competition we want in that kind of PvP.

Could you please fix the lack of being able to get out of LOS via the terrain in Warsong Gulch, then? We've been putting up with that for years. You could argue that it's fair in that both sides can do it, but, it's still not, "working as intended," right?
07/20/2011 03:40 PMPosted by Daxxarri

My plan...

It's working.

I vote Dax's avatar should be a duck now.
Since were on the subject of BG's and the CM's are listening, Eye of the storm's achievement of 1600 - 0 is basically impossible. You should think about fixing it. :)
07/20/2011 03:40 PMPosted by Daxxarri

My plan...

It's working.
Whatever it is, I love it.
Dear Cerulean Overlords,

Before we move on to adding additional battlegrounds, there is a request that a number of community members would like to make. I understand that this question has been asked many times before, but I feel it is important enough to keep fighting for:

Please, bring back Classic-style Alterac Valley.

We've been asking for it since before the Great Battleground Standardization of '07.

It would be an epic nostalgic journey for the old-timers, and a wicked awesome, brand new battleground for the Wrath generation. Yes, it would still take months of hard work to revamp it, but so much of what you need is already in place!

When considering this request, oh Great Cobalt ones, please note that we already have a wall-of-text argument* and half a thread cap's worth of constructive duscussion to support this request, plus a yet-unposted, five-post-long mountain of text that I can slam down onto the table whenever I feel it is appropriate.

If you continue to avoid discussing Classic Alterac Valley directly, I'm just going to keep writing longer, wordier, and more humourous essays about why it's an awesome idea. Who knows, I may even start writing atrocious poetry about how badly we want Classic AV back.

It's your move. For now.

*For additional discussion on this matter, or to /sign your support for Classic AV, check out the discourse happening here:
You guys don't need need to re-invent the wheel just make the current battlegrounds have different skins so that it doesn't seem like we are always fighting in the same place. All the objectives can stay the same --the battlegrounds just need a new look and feel (or a facelift)

Alterac Valley
Twighlight Highlands Valley (Alterac valley re-skinned to look like twighlight highlands)
Uldum Valley (Alterac Valley Re-skinned to look like Uldum)(and so on)

Eye of the Storm
Eye of the storm - Nexus Edition
Eye of The Storm Maelstrom Edition
Eye of the Storm Vortex Pinnacle edition

--I love the pvp - I'm just sick of LOOKING at the same BGs

When you que for Arathi Basin -- It would be Nice if it was randomly Tirisfal basin or something

Anything that LOOKS like i'm fighting somewhere new!!!
Am I the only one who wants an FFA? To hell with this team !@#$. Make the STV arena a BG. 15-30 people from both factions just killing one another. No rhyme or reason, that's for me.

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