More BG's pl0x

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PvP also needs more sound. Would love to see more music, maybe a unique song for each BG. A better variety of sounds for when nodes, and flags are captured. Sick of hearing the same horn sound in every BG except SoTA and WG. And what about booming voice acting for some of the NPCs in AV, nothing that gets spammed all the time or anything or course.

As you can there's quite a big list of things we would like in Pvp that have piled up over the years... =(

I have an idea that is totally canon.

After the cataclysm, Deathwing decided to pay Strand of the Ancients a visit and completely obliterated the place. No more shall the Alliance or Horde be able to fight over it. Truly a shame.

In response to these events, the Alliance and Horde build a fourth and fifth resource node in the Battle of Gilneas to create more strategic opportunities like in Arathi Basin.
07/20/2011 08:08 PMPosted by Lawreince
As you can there's quite a big list of things we would like in Pvp that have piled up over the years... =(

Some of those piles are stacked dangerously high and wobbly. I'd hate to have one of them start to fall over. Better tackle the most pressing issues in the inbox. Like, say, revamping AV to be more like its original incarnation as a unique warzone with deep history and an immersive playstyle.

Tauren play Red.
Worgen play Blue.
Bring back Classic AV
Or I'll keep rhyming at you.
It would be nice if the new PvP maps weren't a variation of capture the flag. Might even be nice to see a simple map for BG's where the entire focus was just an epic battle between players with the winning side is the one with the most kills at the end of say 10 mins. No capture the flag, collect resources, or any goal other than face planting the enemy for 10 mins.

There are tons of ideas out there that can be simple, fun and easily balanced.

This would be the best map ever. Take a page right of warhammer online. Each player is worth say x amount of points. Both sides start out at x amount of points. Each time a enemy player is killed, that reduces their score by x amount of points. First team to reach 0 loses.

So basically AV/IoC without generals or other objectives? I like!
Right along with this new guild system, it would be nice to have some new rewards/achievements for the guild and players in it relationed to PvP, specially now with the RBGs.
Make a Tug of War Bg that would be great
Is there not any hardcore PvPers at blizzard that rage, geek out or ponder over all of these PvP matters mentioned in this thread?
How about, instead of adding new maps or pretending to be interested in pvp, you "developers" learn what pvp is. You stole half your concepts from Dark age of Camelot except the good parts. Lower level bgs are constantly frustrating, whether its waiting 15 mins for a queue to pop on a full server, playing against a broken class that gets ignored completely because the class is viable in pve, but in pvp is either complete trash or godlike, or the viability of pve gear in pvp. Low level bgs aren't important? this game isn't srs bizness? Ok, but what is the real excuse? You don't care. Blizzard has never cared about pvp, and it never will, threads are put up, colloquialisms about ducks' feet are made, but nothing gets done. another expansion will come out, you will all make a million dollars as the ignorant masses shell out 15 bucks a month to play either an OP class, or a class that is completly broken, its the same at 85. But pvp at 85 isnt even fun anymore. Its all a grind, "ok guild time to do rated bgs for the week" "oh its monday, need to do arenas before reset" few people look forward to this as fun. its another job. The game sucks, but its easy, so you'll continue to make money. If there was any other game that had a pulse, i'd be playing it, but wow puts out something shiny, everyone rushes to it, and im left playing warhammer against 3 other people. Once wow learns what balance REALLY is, then we can talk pvp, but until then, please stop calling this facade pvp
Red=Dead. Great reference
Given how bad Strand, AV, and Isle are, I'd prefer if Blizzard just stuck to the 10 man formula and scrapped Strand, AV, and Isle entirely.
07/20/2011 02:36 PMPosted by Vodbomb
Battlegrounds are like ducks.

I lol'd

too hard.
should have a 'Last stand' style bg/dungeon/minigame/whatever

could use Caverns of time and involve something like the fall of the Black temple to the orcs (either helping the orcs to slaughter mercilously, or helping the Draenei to defend..)

eventually you would HAVE to die(thats how it ends after all) but maybe Chromie has you defending as long as possible to provide time for those who were supposed to escape. or... maybe the keep where the newly formed alliance held their ground against thrall (and Chromie has your group/team/random puggers defending until thrall called off the attack to go after Cho'gall)

the game doesnt nessesarily need more BG's ... but Minigames would be nice
I propose a Payload type map (a la TF2) where one side has to "push" a bomb through the opposing teams defenses and into their base. The team that can do it the fastest wins!
07/20/2011 10:59 AMPosted by Daxxarri
They should be more creative, they have plenty of money and time to do something like that.

If a bit of geometry causes you to hang up, or blocks line of sight in a dungeon or raid, then in the majority of circumstances you can probably just work around it until it's fixed. If the same flaw exists in a bg or arena map, then that imperfection might be exploited for an unfair advantage, which runs contrary to the spirit of fair competition we want in that kind of PvP. We know that a lot of the PvP community is ultimately more interested in having perfectly balanced and bug-free maps to play on, than they necessarily are in having new maps to play on.

So.... you're fixing blinking on the blade's edge bridge right? Been about 5 years

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