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im not suprised noone likes you on the horde side either bargon... delete wow and do us all a favor.
who's bargon
why does this thread keep coming back?
u mad dernn? u jelly of bargon?
i'm sad that he never dueled me.

my disarm key would just be too cool for school.
PvE nerds raging at a bad PvPer/Player....funny
So Bargon and I had a little misunderstanding the other day on trade. He was on one his alts, an undead warrior named "Grantler", and was asking how it was possible to delete all of your WoW characters and the game from your pc all at the same time on trade. So some other people gave some suggestions but none seemed to do all of what he asked. So I suggested he put a bullet through his motherboard and that should solve his problem. Then he told me he had reported me for a death threat and that I was going to get banned.

Now we all know how Bargon types and that it's because he probably can't read too well. However I clearly did not make a death threat against his mother(which is what he thought). What I actually said was put a bullet through your MOTHER BOARD. I'm not sure if he doesn't know what a mother board is or if the only thing he recognized in that sentence was "shoot", "your" and "mother" but whatever. I hope I didn't cause him too much worry over my comment.

Bargon it's people like you that submit half a dozen tickets a day that are probably the reason I have to wait a week for my occasional ticket to be answered. = /
Huh, I noticed my gear says "Elite" when you hover over to read the tooltip....

Edit: I mean bargon bargon bargon something something bargon.
hey sup

blood DK's
hey sup

frost mages
Invincible's Reins Why is it invincible if I can see it?
That Pally is a girl? lulz Killed and been killed by zerg many times. -PS Bargon is Horrible
Guys I've been reported again for harassment this time of all things. = / I responded to something Bargon typed in trade with some smart remark and I suppose that upset him. He was on his druid this time "Barron". He whispered me with a question and when I replied he told me he had reported me for harassment. D=

Now I don't think some people are aware of what constitutes harassment. If you whisper someone with a question and they reply to you that 1 time with an answer I don't think that counts. But anyways I hope I'm right so I don't get banned. /crosses fingers
I'm just as bad as bargon but I'm going to troll him for being bad obviously.
glad his low iq self is horde again....
>garrosh for 8 years
>game not 8 years old
>garrosh server opened in january 2009
>implying you weren't 4 years old 8 years ago

i don't even understand how you manage to keep breathing every day
Mikejones and Danrather will forever be the rulers of Garrosh, sorry Bargon but you need to know when youre attacking the right mage before you claim to be pro :)

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