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Death Knight
Hey everybody, I'm going to be rolling a DK. I'd just like to know which spec(s) is/are best for leveling and why?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but all I can think of is that blood has a lot of uptime but kills slowly. Thanks in advance for answers.

My guildies have advised me to go frost, and one said dual wield does good damage at low level. Should I dual wield or 2H?
Frost for the mount speed talent. Between Lichborne, Death Pact, and the Dark Succor glyph, you won't need to worry about downtime.

DW or 2H is up to you. Both do well in Unholy Presence, which is preferable for leveling due to the movement speed bonus.
FROST! I tried it out..mobs die SO fast! Got all the talents except Nerves of Cold Steel, Endless Winter, and Merciless combat. Got Butchery from Blood and Unholy command from the unholy tree. Glyph of dark succor. Awesome! Level in Vash'jir if you don't have the fastest flying speed. With the "On a pale horse" talent you will "Fly" underwater as if you DID! Happy leveling! :)
You can also go blood but it gets boring fast.
Blood isn't that slow, plus you can get instant queues and tank dungeons while you level, if you enjoy that sort of thing.
Whatever you do, make sure one of your specs is blood if only for soloing elites (and for tanking if you want to try your hand at it). That said, 2H frost is the fastest leveling spec for questing easily, and does fairly well leveling through pvp and instances as well.

I don't personally feel dw frost is a good idea while leveling, but you can do it if you want. It might be a lot better now that offhand swings proc killing machine.
DW frost...mobs just melt away.
Count another vote for FROST and Glyph of Dark Succor. The burst is awesome, and "On a Pale Horse" is aces for getting from A to B. Running with a 2hander would be easier to gear than having to keep two 1handers up to date, and there really isn't a DPS difference until you get to the lvl cap.

I would recommend your second spec be blood, so if you feel inclined to run an instance or two, you can que as a tank and not have to wait in line.

Also, it might be a good idea to spend some time in your late 50s and late 60s to run a few BGs and score some of that sweet PvP gear. The weapons in particular, will last you a good long while (and they look awesome).

At lvl 61, with High Warlord's Greatsword, 4k+ Obliterate crits are common.
Go blood, you can tank, do pretty good dps. And once you get mastery at 80 while soloing you take 0 damage.
Thank god i lvled my DK back when Blood was still a DPS easy and fun and never died.....*sheds tear*
hit 85 only recently so my info is quite up to date.

blood does pretty much the same dps as any other until level 80 (mastery kicks in)

frost has on a pale horse (best leveling talent in the game imo, travel time really adds up)

dual spec is cheap. so i'd go frost for questing, and blood for elites / when you want to tank.
(2hand frost = updating only one weapon = less maintenance = i recommend)

Also, I started this character with no support except for heirlooms (no money for riding training)
i got my professions up while in tank queues & i used the darnassus tabard to get the mount that i wanted.
after selling my mining / herbing stuff in bulk at level 80, i had enough for speedy flying & my professions were high enough to start gathering in Cata zones.

After that, i did quests to 85, trying to get as much rep as possible in the factions that i need.

It was quite a good way to level & i think i did it quite time effeciently
Every spec will work fine. Level in the spec you plan to use end game. Hit 85 comfortable with your rotation.

where can i find a good layout for a 62 DK for blood? i never played my dk lol
Honestly, just use common sense.

If it says, "I take less damage" or, "I heal/ I heal more", it's probably a good idea to take it.
With Unholy, I like being able to DoT up several mobs and chain pull to the next. I'm able to get through with no downtime using the Dark Succor Glyph, and Desecration keeps me from taking damage from multiple mobs.

I used Blood for my off-spec while leveling. It was nice for farming huge groups of mobs and still having full health. Good for instant RBG queues. The last 3 levels I spent entirely in dungeons, but that's up to you.

You can see the Unholy and Frost leveling specs I used at:
Blood's main virtue is that you will never, ever die to anything while questing. You also will never stop to eat or bandage or even really heal yourself. That's all automatic. And for being the "tank," it doesn't exactly do piddly damage.

Thus it has always been with blood.
Blood is pretty lol.

I went 36-0 in a BG too as blood, got a bunch of achievements and what not.

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