Why is my dps so bad?

I am a fury warrior and i was wondering why my dps is so low i was the lowest in my random could it be my rotation should i just not be able to do much damage yet.

Please Reply with answers
well i would not worry about dps until lv 85

That said, fury scales better - yes i know rage normalization helped with the gear issue - with gear over many other classes and TG scales better with weapons (over smf) because of RB

Just keep BT on cd, try maximizing your enrage uptime up and manage your rage as best as you can - dont HS too much and try getting used to your free GCD
The game is not balanced around level 75.
fury sucks until you're like, 358 item level like my warrior, and even then your DPS in heroics won't be as good. In raids, it will shine. Play as arms until you're comfortable with your gear at 85 and you should be good to go.
Thx for the help guys.

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