Malaysian players here?

as above.
KamiKaze is and i think there are about 2 others..... just cant remember the name of them. sorry.
ahh...thx alot. hopefully more would come forward. =D
*Raises hand*

Johorean to be precise.
hihi! nice meeting y'all. hoping to see more though.
hi im from sabah :D
Bebo smells.

No, really.
Bebo smells.

No, really.

Only on raid nights :D
Ganu kite here....hehehe....sape sape nak raid ckp la k....ingat nak tukar server ngan org org putih nih susoh nak catchup masa dierang....
JB! Wanna join my guild? :D
just to bring back this there still malaysian in this server?
I know a few Malaysian's on Horde side, one is a good friend of mine as well
Jom lah gather!!! =D doing a lot of raid and pvp together guys!!!
=D it will be damn fun lol guys!
is there a lot of Malaysian people in Amanthul realm??
Yes...and my guild's members is all malaysian me if 10 ppl already.still need ppls to start a core raid:)
There's quite a few on the Alliance side, not sure about Horde tho....
521 arm warr from Putrajaya.. Greetings!!

I mean


Selangor here :)

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