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Do warlocks really exist?
In the same way that leprechauns do, I think.
I never lie. You know that.

p.s. You're awesome!
One man with a gun can control 100 without one.
-Vladimir Lenin
Go ahead and scream your head off! We're miles from where anyone can hear you!
-Pee-wee Herman
I did not have sexual relations with that woman.....but i wanted to"
-Peter Griffin
wtb ranged.. any ranged just don't suck.
Looking for:
Blood Deathknights
Frost Deathknights

Balanced Druids
Feral Bear Druids
Feral Cat Druids

Survival Hunters
Marksmanship Hunters
Beast Master Hunters

Mages....meh....we do like fire

maybe a prot paladin would work too...maybe

Shadow priest......filling a big spot

Rogues...dont be fail

Enhancement Shamans
Elemental Shamans....dont suck
Restoration Shamans....MOAR CHAINHEAL!

Warlocks...careful our lock leader is picky...just sayin

Warriors....we have plenty but if youre really really good, we'll look into it.
bump for high need of well geared and skilled shadow priest that dosent suck
Shadow Priests, are apparently more of a myth than warlocks.
who likes icecream? join today and get free* icecream!

*offer only valid yesterday.
*pokes Jd and Abo*
Hey! Where's my poke!
Come to the Firelands with Troika!

Elly...I didnt realize I was allowed to poke you ;)
keep your hands to your self!
She said don't give no lines and... ^^
Oh noes! The Hammer has spoken!
I'm wearing a spider web turtleneck...I have nothing to fear.

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