paladin titles

The Light of Dawn is the best title.
Crusader, Knight, the Argent Champion.

Those three are all very fitting Paladin titles.

Grand Crusader is nice too, if you have it. It reminds me a lot of the Scarlet Crusade, though.
Grand Crusader #1
the Undying.

the Immortal.

Because we're totally unkillable and we can chain stun faceroll with an epic gap closer and a powerful snaring seal.


yeaaa boiiii

Crusader is probably the most Paladin-y , though.
I like use "Of the Nightfall" because that's my battlegroup, although "Of the Shattered Sun" has to be best title I even paid for. :D

"The Patient" gets a lot of use when a pug starts to go wrong. "The Explorer" has a special placa in my heart as it was the first title I earned,

"Slayer of Stupid, Disappointing, and Incompetent Minions"
For me it's a tossup between Crusader and Argent Champion. I see myself sporting one or the other for a very long time to come.
Anything with crusader in it.
There was a small bug that came up for a few days after the ToC patch that allowed certain players access to all titles Blizzard had put in the game, and even some that they didn't implement.

'Velfira the Lionhearted' was the best ever. I also had all of the 'of the (enter horde faction here)' titles, and a few other unique ones.
Liking the "Justicar" title still.
Light of Dawn is one of the best in my opinion, I've been bugging my guild to go back and get it for awhile now. Plus I want to get myself a Tabard of the Lightbringer.

Out of the ones I personally have I'd say Crusader fits best with Argent Champion being a good alternative.

Hand of A'dal is pretty rockin' for a Draenei Paladin.

You have no idea how much I wish I had been around to get that title.


Check out the date on my Hand of Adal ach :)
07/22/2011 05:06 AMPosted by Tailwaggle
"Slayer of Stupid, Disappointing, and Incompetent Minions"

WTB an achievement (Earn the title X number of times) to grant it as a permanent selectable title!

Because that actually is my surname! :D
Totally rocking the Immortal until I one day get Warbringer.

Check out the date on my Hand of Adal ach :)

Ha! Even newer than mine! I carried that quest round for so long before we got round to doing those old raids.
Stax the Insane here, reminding everyone that the best paladins are the ones that go crazy.
Crusader, Light of Dawn, Argent Champion, The Hallowed. I switch off between Blackwing's Bane and Commander at the moment so I still think that whatever title you happen to be digging is the one you should go with.
Here's a short list:

    Crusader for Retribution.

    The Argent Defender for Protection.

    The Light of Dawn for Holy.

Oh yeah.

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