Best/Funny DK Names

Death Knight
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Damn if only
or <=====
worked, mostly everyones post would be helpful.

Be original.
Not trying to be full of myself but I get about 1 or 2 whispers a week from some random person telling me how much they love my name.

It's a good feeling.
Best DK evar <----------------------------
I gotta say I thought Dkvaluemenu was pretty funny. gave me a chuckle
i picked up my name because when wotlk came out everybody wanted to be a dk. i would be in an instace and a dk would death grip everything so i started calling then nubknights.
I just started him honestly, but I really love my name.
I wouldn't say mine's original, but it's fun to have. The title is what makes work though.
quack quack!
not one to put myself out there on the edge but.....
My name means something wintery in Japanese... it also doubles as a Night Elf sounding name.
STDcarrier sounds good for unholy dk lol
My name was meant to be a druid, but I made a DK instead, so it stuck.
I'm a fan of my name
I think mine is good enough I mean who doesn't like a good reffrence
I wins.
The inside of your house looks nice from outside.

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