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Death Knight
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08/02/2011 06:11 PMPosted by Kau
Or say "mine bro" "sup" "yo bro" "lookie here mah dear" "I'm the best name because my mommy told me so"

I saw a DK with the name "Mountaindewyou" or something along those lines. Made me chuckle!
Let me tell you a tale.

A grim tale...
I like irony.
My runeblade is yours. :)
people who do this


Or say "mine bro" "sup" "yo bro" "lookie here mah dear" "I'm the best name because my mommy told me so"

Make me want to kick puppies
Of course YOU think YOUR name is the best, YOU picked it. It's like parents telling people their kids are the best. Claiming your name as the best does nothing but short your own originality

And the OP strictly stated Best/Funny NOT original. I can type in Florlaofle and no one else will have that name. Original? no...

This is full of suck.


Couldn't have said it any better.
I've always liked mine.
One of my favorites was a Blood DK named Johncrichton, because John Crichton never dies.

I'm not saying my name is the best or anything, just giving the etymology. It's Proto-Germanic for the word Ice. But since I'm main Blood, it'll be changed sometime soon.
I prefer fantasy names as opposed to parody ones, but if I wanted to create another DK, I would name it Sorrowknight. We're magical knights, we spread despair and sorrow, and it sounds like you're saying Saronite.
Youalich mayne.
My name is pretty much the description of the Panzer VI says it all.
Seriously.... Where's the beef?
Not very original or awsome but here it is.
Mine wins
How many times is this gonna be necro'd?
I think I win on the most subtle fail ever... Acherus, the Ebon Hold... +B = Bacherus
>> I think I win, but that's just because I love my name too much.

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