Best/Funny DK Names

Death Knight
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I only say my name with a scottish accent.

It fits too because I'm so gd handsome irl.
Mine's terrible! :D
if fisting is wrong...I dont wana be right
When I was on Stormscale this toons name was Murdrface...I used to get alot of comments on it. Now that I moved to Emerald Dream its kinda lame.
07/23/2011 01:35 AMPosted by Karunusuteii
Mine's just funny because no one can properly pronounce it, and they give up and call me "Kar" :3

In that case, might I suggest next time going with something like Lillitililiriak?

Your friends can call you Lil, or Lilly. Everyone else can go to hell.
I died at duh wraft gate!!
Does mine count?
he said famous fantasy.
Thank you so much for clearing this up over one month late! Maybe you should roll a DK yourself because your skill in raising the dead is OUTSTANDING!

Anyways, read the first few pages and I liked toothdk best. I don't get why people in these kind of threads always vote for their own names, no matter how !@#$ty and special-character ridden they are.
Taken On My Server:NeedSunLight
Wow, this is an old thread.
I like mine a bit
07/22/2011 03:30 PMPosted by Goodarthas
I just hate scrubby dks that take names of famous fantasy characters.

I thought mine was nice. I would consider the original Krakhen a famous fantasy character ....

*hides in a corner and cries*
Move over everybody I have the best
i like mine just because it sounds like a dwarven name and seems like a strong name at that
Move over everybody I have the best

I may have to agree with this! Pretty creative ^_^
it's bacon!
Go Go Go !!

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