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Death Knight
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I just hate scrubby dks that take names of famous fantasy characters. I swear, one more dual-wield blood dk named "Drizzzzzit" and I'll puke. People should pick original names.

If you're referring to Drizzt Do'Urden, that's a character from DnD/Baldur's Gate/Neverwinter Nights, not Final Fantasy. If you're talking about some other character then I am wholly confused.

umm he said Famous Fantasy not Final Fantasy.. and i agree that if you need to use names from popular fantasy books you should have your RPG card revoked ;) now obscure names from non-mainstream books is another matter :D
I love that Goodarthas said something about canon characters as names
haha i think mines pretty good :3. Lol, hope no ones take it because its like my signature name that i made up :).
Well, according to WoWprogress, I am literally the only person with this name so... go me?
Lol Mines Girthy :D
Sup, slew my kin, got warped into and undead orc fiend thing.
<-- Not DK specific but fitting.
Adramalech- samarian commander of the undead and underworld.

That's some evil
Kneel before The Dark Lord, Útlægr.

(It means exiled in Old Norse.)

How do people find you without being able to shift-click your name?? To do that, you'd have to do /who death knight just to find you @_@
hey ^^
i loled.
< original
07/23/2011 03:27 AMPosted by Vasaroth
I love that Goodarthas said something about canon characters as names

You are the only one who gets my humor :(

"Or did you think I was too stupid to know what a 'eugoogoly' was?" - Derek Zoolander.

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