Best/Funny DK Names

Death Knight
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They are<
I cant think anything besides NitewalkrDK. =\
<--- It's energy for men! MENERGY! :D
!@#$ the Fantastic Four!!!
Seen a Blood DK named Tampón. Made my day lol
07/22/2011 03:30 PMPosted by Goodarthas
I just hate scrubby dks that take names of famous fantasy characters. I swear, one more dual-wield blood dk named "Drizzzzzit" and I'll puke. People should pick original names.

Someone named Goodarthas complaining about people taking names from famous fantasy characters... lolwut?
On topic a little, I chose painsquire because I wasn't really planning on learning to play the toon well so I thought I'd never be a full DK and tried to find a way to convey that. I was wrong on both accounts as this is my main now and people think it has to do with cutting myself or something...
Havent seen this one before
<<<<< RAWR!!
I'm an evil enchantress it would seem.

and also 20% cooler.
Well, 'cuz they are. >_>

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