Ancient Charscale (Ready for raiding II)

Bug Report
I have now beaten Ancient Charscale 5 times this morning for Strike at the Heart quest. 2 times i did get hit with a special attack, the other 3 times both recount and the WoW combat log both showed that i took no damage at all. All five times I got the credit for Strike at the Heart, than i abandoned the quest went back to Malfurions Breach picked it back up waited a few minutes to he respawned and tried it again.

I also had the same issue with Ancient Smothering Behemoth but after many attempts i got credit for that one as well.
This is also happened when i fought the devout boss of that daily.It seems to be bugged right now.I am Mobile on these fights as well.Unless i am doing something wrong :/.
Yep I've killed the Harbinger at least 20 times, in about half of those I've took ZERO damage yet it fails every single time no matter what you do. I'm in combat the whole fight, I'm shooting it the whole time i'm not getting hit at all and yet the debuff pops up and I fail the achievement. Anyone know of any tips?
you have to not only get the first hit or "tag" on him but you must also preform the killing blow i got this in 2 trys today it was quite easy
07/24/2011 10:39 AMPosted by Gód
you have to not only get the first hit or "tag" on him but you must also preform the killing blow i got this in 2 trys today it was quite easy

You don't have to get the killing blow.
Are other people in the area? Betting if they get hit then it fails the achievement. Same thing happens with the "Infernal Ambassadors" achieve from the Hyjal dailies for Firelands.
Finally got the thing, it seems to be sheer luck right now. I did NOT start the fight, I did NOT get the killing blow. I also was not even anywhere near the fight at all, I wandered up there to try again and noticed he was about half dead I hit him a few times and he cast that fire spell. When I backed up to avoid it he shot it down the ramp at which time I got totally engulfed in the flames. I gave up and went back up to where the quest giver is, I picked up the quest (had abandoned it half a dozen times) and as I turned around I got credit for the quest AND got credit for killing him without being hit by the special ability. This seems very bugged to me, but maybe not maybe thats as it's intended.
Heads up me and another rogue just did this like a million times and failed but finally got it just now!

-It doesn't matter if you get the first or last hit.
-It doesn't matter if the other people fighting him get it.
-Just find at least one other person to do it with you, let them fight him the whole time while you stand back, and when he gets to low health jump in and light him up.

We did this and vise verse and we both got the achievement.

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