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Hey everyone, I currently am looking for a new gaming headset and recently set my eyes around the "Razer" brand items. Does anyone have a good suggestion for a headset that has pretty good sound for music listening as well?

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Try the Games, Gaming, and Hardware forum.
i have the razer carcharias and no complaints except the wire is unnecessarily long (which I just tied up so its not a big deal)

sound quality is good
EXTREMELY comfortable
looks nice
mic quality is good

a lot of people complain about razer products breaking easily, but I find that just as many people complain about logitech stuff breaking if you look at newegg reviews, and 90% of those people probably treat their stuff like crap. I've had a razer keyboard/mouse/mousepad/headset for a while and I've never had problems with anything.
I just purchased my (5th, yuck) headset and I did go with a razer.

Absolutely worth the money.

1) It has velvet ear covers and a padded top head, by far the most comfortable I've ever had.
2) It is rugged and durable. It has cloth liners over the cords, durable mic and solid plastic.

My other ones kept breaking or just plain crapping out on me. So instead of just shelling out 80 bucks the first time for a quality product I shelled out 30 bucks 4 different times.

I will definately be sticking with Razer products from here on out.
Currently rocking a Logitech G35. Pretty wicked 7.1 surround sound. Needs a little EQ adjustment for listening to music in as it's mid heavy out of the box so voices stand out during gameplay. Comes with drivers, a handy wheel on the side for on the fly volume adjustment, and some voice modulation stuff. You can also bind the buttons on the side to macros for vent, itunes, or maybe even skype. Never had any complaints about my mic even while playing with a box fan blowing on me. I know Logitech has since released a higher end headset about the G35 but I won't be replacing this baby for a while.
Does anyone have a good suggestion for a headset that has pretty good sound for music listening as well?

Audiotechnica. Lot of choices and price range in their lineup. Pluses are they don't typically need amps and have very good sound. Also, closed and open cans are available in every price range and they're all good (better is more expensive, of course).

I'd specifically recomend the AD700. It's an open can, so you don't echo in your own head when you're talking on Vent. Also, it has a freakishly wide soundstage and very good positional audio. Great for music, though I do prefer closed cans myself for that (A900).

Pair it with a Zalman clip-on mike, or (my choice) a Logitech desktop one and you're golden.
ya have to agree on audiotechnicas + usb mic combo.
I use ultrasones for music/computer stuff atm

i like DJ headphones. i've tried a few 100$ headsets and nothing really compares to a nice pair of dj headphones. all you need is a 9$ converter from wallmart too. whats nice about dj headphones too is it's not just for gaming, music sounds vary good on em(notice in the clubs DJs wear headphones? its because they're listening to crisp sounds off the headphones) and is good for late night movies/

just get a stand mic for chat.
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