Buyers beware: The 365 2h sword is 3.5 speed

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07/28/2011 08:47 PMPosted by Ghatok
For the rest of you, the tooltips have been updated - on the weapon and the recipe.

?? Well I just restarted the game and my recipe says 3.80 3006 TED same as the ones on the AH.
07/28/2011 08:20 PMPosted by Palastorm
Regardless this weapon and all of these recipes should had came out in 4.1

Why should a 365 weapon come out when normal raids are at 359 and the heroic five mans are 353 lvl?
At least I'm glad my Zin'rokh's not going to be replaced by a craftable.
does that really give them an excuse to come in here calling the company all sorts of things. I rarly ever read a thread started to give praise to blizz for how much work they do to keep a fully operational game up and running basically 24/7 with alot fewer mistakes then alot of other companies out there. They try give us what we ask for while not making it Too retardly easy until content is severly outdated. They work thier asses off to give us what we want all the while STILL devolping a new game for us all to move and qq about.

Give them a break or quit and make your own games and see how far ya get : )

Ain't no one here calling for a blue's head on a silver platter, we are simply asking questions (for the most).
Perhaps its my mods then that have been updated? I'll re-edit my original post.

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