Buyers beware: The 365 2h sword is 3.5 speed

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Poor form Blizzard. Considering the other crafted weapons are significantly more useful by comparison, then paired with the unfortunately poor communication I can't help but feel I've been soundly kicked in the codpiece.

Thankfully my paladin and warrior tanks aren't so shafted.

Please, make it either useful or attractive. Don't just leave it butt-ugly and worthless.
It's not fair to those who spent 3 - 6k or even more to have this sword made for blizz to just nerf it and say tuff luck to you. I feel like i bought a shiny new car with a old, rusted out engine.
Yeah, I'm a little upset about this issue because I had a 359 weapon already. Hopefully Blizzard will refund the mats so I can use them for something else (my tank set, my hunter alt, whatever). It'd be cool to see the weapon revert back to the 3.8 speed it was, and still is, advertised as in-game, but I personally do not see that happening.

At the end of the day, I believe it is still technically an upgrade, so I'm not going to rage if nothing is actually done about it. But I know if I was personally responsible for something like this at the company I work for my project lead, manager, or studio lead would probably be raising hell.
What I'm confused by.... it's a 365. Gear that drops in Firelands is 378.

How are the two supposed to be comparable in the first place?
07/28/2011 06:41 PMPosted by Cestus

This makes absolutely no sense at all because at 3.5, it is under-performing relative to its cost and the ease with which it can be obtained.

I can grind a basically equivalent season 9 sword in how many hours?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't PvE players loath people who think PvP gear is just as good as equivalent PvE gear?

I see a lot of Resilience on those PvP weapons. Resilience that can't be reforged to a more useful stat.

Weapons for physical dps classes are generally considered to be the exception to the rule. Warriors are especially high on that list due to how much their dps is buffed by a weapon damage increase.

It's rather sad to see that they knee-jerk overnerfed this weapon.
I think my problem is for someone who has spend their gold on the AH to buy what they thought was a serious upgrade only to find it was bearly one at all is a serious kick in the teeth. Ive seen these selling for 20k gold on my server. Id be livid to find Id blown 20k for a sword that is so little an upgrade if one at all.

20k is something to be upset about. It takes a long time to earn that much in game. That translates into real time out of peoples lives. That would put anyone in a bad mood.

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