Buyers beware: The 365 2h sword is 3.5 speed

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07/29/2011 11:44 AMPosted by Proffit
We wanted this weapon to be roughly on par with weapons from the previous tier, since it can be purchased from the Auction House. It wasn't intended to compete as much with current raid drops, as it felt weird that a strength-based DPS crafted weapon was more attractive than some of its counterparts.

Why is that feeling only extended towards this weapon? The Pyrium Spellward (1h craftable sword) while not a staggering upgrade from Fang of Twilight, certainly outperforms it, not only is the base dps better, but itemization is a step up as well. I don't see why the other craftable weapons were intended to slightly outperform their counterparts from the last tier, yet the 2 hander was meant to be "on par" with it's counterparts.

I guess two handed user are suppose to get firleland weapon for an upgrade or they are SOL.

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