Will my account be deleted if it is inactive?

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I understand that once I cancel my subscription my account will be frozen after the subscription date has run out. But I am wondering how long can my account stay frozen or inactive? And granted when I do come back to WoW, however long that may be, will I still have all my toons, their gear, etc.?
WoW accounts are never deleted. As for your other question, yes, as long as you secure your account before it goes into Frozen status. The best way is to add an authenticator.
Thank you, and yes I do have an authenticator. I just didn't want to worry about losing my Flo. :)
They won't delete your account. Of course, your characters will not advance, so when you log back in, you'll be behind the times, but catching up is fun!

That said, you can lose your account for good if the account is hacked. I would think that would happen either because you got phished or they hacked your email account. Losing control of your email gives you an awful lot of trouble in an awful lot of places ;( This one other fellow, he abandoned both his WoW and his email, and found the email had been hacked, they had used that to gain access to his WoW account and that was now banned.
same thing happend to me i went inactive cause i couldn't keep paying for a while due to the economy but someone hacked my email and got to my wow account and definitley went on a gold purchasing spampage, and cause my account to get banned, so definitely keep your account info secured .. cause bad stuff happens and its no bueno !

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