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Bumping...For The Horde!
07/21/2011 08:43 PMPosted by Placeholdern
FOR THE ALLIANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!

I re-posted this in the other thread, and again is not my original writings, it just usually is well received.. brings back some memories to some.

Back in old AV i remember:

-Turning in gallons of blood to summon elemental lords

-Turning in flesh after finding, and freeing your 3 wing commanders so you'd have an air assault on the enemy choke points, but only if you had the correct reputation level!

-Turning in enough mine supplies to get a contract/orders to give to a group of extremely deadly soldiers that charged all the way from the field of strife to the doorstep of the enemy general.

-Consequently I also remember when the mobs in the mines had regular loot tables and you'd occasionally see epics pop up for rolling in the loot window (Lei of Lillies am I right?)

-Armor scraps which gave you better armed units, as well as human bone chips, and night elf heads you turned into the troll bounty hunter who now just sits in the village.

-I remember Korrack the Bloodrager smashing level 51 lowbies as they rode by unaware of his fierce territoriality.

-I remember the names of nearly every single bunker captain, or lt, or even the elites outside
walking around (Oh Grummis how I miss thee)


-I remember the syndicate with their shadowy plot, and a goblin you could save who would in return for some mats give you...

-A shredder. I remember hearing, and seeing HEAL THE SHREDDER all the time.

-I remember collecting wolfs, and ram harnesses, and making a charge at the filthy Stormpike with my Elite Wolf Calvary units.

-I remember that the random assorted lt's, and commanders had quest you could do.

-I remember when each inch of the bg was fought over, and bought with dozens of lives.

-I remember the regiments of dwarves with their muskets laying down suppressing fire, while the melee units would swarm down any foe foolish enough to try to take the bunker on their own.

-I remember fighting in the same BG for hours, or days at a time, and loving it without needing to be rewarded for having fun.

- I remember having leaders in the bg who knew what went where, and when to assault what.

-I remember the 4 man strike teams of 3 rogues, 1 resto druid who'd stealth to the final bunker and attempt to tag it (the only bunker with the boss outside go figure) in an effort to divert some forces away from Stonehearth so we could take it, and finally put an end to Balinda.

-I remember the huge loss it was when your lt's, champions, towers, or god forbid captains died rather than just being honor.

-Most of all I remember caring about the Battleground.
I think Av should be an open battle ground.

By that, I mean players can come and go as they see fit. Put in a maximum number of combatants, but allow people to leave a battle with no ill effect. Then when they want to go back, so long there is still room, they can touch the instance portal and return to the battle. Make it easy to figure out which battle you have already been in so they can return to the same one if it is still running.

Other than killing the General, why does the game have to stop? Let them run until the General is dead. Put in an incentive to kill the General, and the incentive does not need to be honor.

When the player touches the instance portal, they are given a choice of the running games that are available to enter. If there are only a few players in the game, there should be quests available to them while their numbers grow. The numbers should try to be kept realistically even on both sides.
Something like this might actually get me to pvp again. Something that is fun and not zergfest racing to the finish line.
You guys don't have to Suffer RNG for your gear.

That's your lovin*
please blizzard hear our cries, we sick of this "race" BG. We need killing, we need teamwork, we need a pvp raid like Foury was saying. Now blizzard please look to your mission statement as found on your website.

1. Gameplay First-AV's gameplay doesn't seem first at all you took everything it had out of it and left it and a shameful BG even if you can call it a BG.

2. Commit to Quality- What quality is in AV? the quality in this BG is about as strong as the npcs guarding GY's or the main AOE could bring it down.

3.Play nice; Play fair- most of the AV's i go into is people getting mad at each other, and fighting with each other, so how is this nice? What about fairness? it doesn't seem fair to me when i'm the only one defending our base and my loyal npc guards are being killed in front of me, 1vs40 doesn't seem fair.

4.Embrace your inner geek- you know what is geeky? running head long into battle with other WoW toons at your side, not running to one side of a map then to the other.

5. EVERY VOICE MATTERS- then why does it seem like you have been ignoring us for so long? We have been begging for AV to get fixed for sometime now, yet you guys never listen.

6.Think globally- doesn't seem like you guys are even thinking locally what people want

7.Lead responsibly- all what is being led here, is how to break your fans hearts

8.Learn & grow- this one can still be saved...learn from your mistakes of ignoring us, and grow by listening and fixing the BG we all want to be saved...

Blizzard we love you guys...but can you show us a sign that you love for us too?
For my first ever forum post I have decided to back this.

I've only been seriously playing WoW for about a year, and I have found that I quite enjoy BG's.

I could take or leave the dungeons and raids, but the reason I keep paying, keep playing, is to queue for BGs. I don't do the BGs for honor, I do it for the fun factor.

The best single BG I have ever played was an AV where we summoned Lok. It was great fun, and I can only imagine what the classic full experience AV was like.

I would love be able to log on on a lazy Saturday afternoon, queue for Classic AV and spend the next hour or two melting-face, matching wits and swords with my fellow players. this a a +1 for Classic AV.
I think Av should be an open battle ground.

By that, I mean players can come and go as they see fit. Put in a maximum number of combatants, but allow people to leave a battle with no ill effect.

Already covered.

- Allow players who have participated in the battle for 40 minutes or longer to exit the battle without penalty as long as there is a new player available in the queue.

Reason: Not everyone agrees on how long a "long" AV match should last, and real life responsibilities often require players to step away from the game for a few minutes or more.

For epic epicness, listen to me!
For epic epicness, bring back Classic AV!

I'll write awful poems all over the forum,
Until Blizzard makes Old AV epicness the norm.
Also, what does this mean?

tealest deer

tl;dr = "teal deer"
This might be already covered as well, but what I was actually saying was that there is no queue.

I would prefer if you had to travel to Hillsbrad and touch the instance portal, but I know this is most likely unlikely. But when you show interest in playing AV, you are presented with a list of active games. You would then be able to choose which game to enter, no queue. There is always a game active, even if you are the only one on your side on the map. I would leave it to blizzard to determine when a new game is started and added to the list of available games.

The way you described it on your first few posts, it would be almost impossible for the other side to take your side’s base without an almost full game (30 – 40 people on both sides). And I would expect the game to try and keep the number of players on each side to be within 10 people or so.

Edit: Had the incorrect instance portal
07/21/2011 05:25 PMPosted by Foury
If battlegrounds are equivalent to half-hour instances, give us one (Alterac Valley) that's equivalent to a three-hour raid. Remove AV from the random queue, take all of the awesome that was strained out of it over the years, and dump it back in there.

Oh my goodness, what an awesome idea...
Here's a question I posed in Foury's original Battleground page thread.

Does anyone really enjoy modern AV?

I mean the playstyle, not the honor/hour.

In other words: would anyone actually queue up for AV as it is played right now if there was no honor being awarded? Personally, I would have no problem queuing up for WSG, AB, Gilneas, or Twin Peaks even if there was no honor to be had. The fun had from PvPing in these battlegrounds is reward enough. But AV in its modern form? Not unless I hadn't seen it in a while and wanted some nostalgia. I'm going out on a limb but I don't think many WoW players queue up AV for fun anymore.

I think the disconnect between "enjoying a BG" and "putting up with a BG to grind gear" is a disconnect that needs remedying. Foury here is pushing an idea that would bring fun back to AV. Maybe not to all players, but I'm sure more people would enjoy classic AV than enjoy modern AV.
*Deleted because this was not the thread I was aiming for :/ *
The way AV is setup now has absolutely 0 PvP, it is honestly just kill npcs. Maybe in the towers there is some PvP, but no enough for it to be called a true battleground.

Replacing this dried-up barren wasteland that we call Alterac Valley to its former glory will add a huge PvP aspect as well as keeping the PvE aspect.

This community has great ideas. Blizzard, please listen to us.

We all have a common goal in this game here; the players want to be satisfied/entertained while you want to have the sense of pride and accomplishment in truly making an epic game.

Restoring AV will have no negative consequences on this game. There is so much "fertile soil" that you can play with here, Blizzard which, in turn, can give us players so much content to have fun with and keep us occupied.

Just my 2 cents.
07/21/2011 08:42 PMPosted by Yalingto
Bumping...For The Horde!
Spread the word of this great post! I read it all and it makes so much sense.

I totally support this.
Blizzard, please listen to him.

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