Great PvE, Now Give PvP Some Lovin'!

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10/30/2011 12:52 PMPosted by Spinnerdh
TLDR please. PvP is fine, you can't make PvP content like you make PvE content, otherwise you will just have warsong gulch or arathi basin on different maps. Arenas will always be the same, nothing you can make new for those. It's not easy to come up with an entire new idea for PvP as easy as coming up with a new raid that follows the same rules all the others raids follow. You will be getting new battlegrounds in the next xpac. Blizz doesn't really have a reason to make just as much PvP content as they do PvE, they release new gear, that should be enough of a challenge.

This is a brilliant idea, but judging by the time it was posted I do not think Blizzard cares.
This was an extremely well-put-together thread, and yes, a blue response was hoped for.

Just one problem. It's about PvP. Don't hold your breath.

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