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Wall o' text crits Lizeth for 8972364598435.
Lizeth dies and is unable to be brought back to life.

I read the first few lines and just agree anyway, PvP is pretty stagnant and could use a new twist.
There is always a game active, even if you are the only one on your side on the map. I would leave it to blizzard to determine when a new game is started and added to the list of available games.

The way you described it on your first few posts, it would be almost impossible for the other side to take your side’s base without an almost full game (30 – 40 people on both sides).

If this is the case, I'm not sure how much fun a handful of players would have against that many NPC's. I think that with the merged battlegroups the current queueing system should suffice. If that changes, though, then the system could of course be tailored to match.

Old AV, Old AV,
Of th'original three,
The greatest BG
That we ever did see.
just another pvper qqing about... no, you know what? i'm going to actually read this one before trolling it...

- 5 min later -

whoa!!! i agree with this silly human op mage!! awesome post man, i really hope blizz take a look at your post :)

This next piece is entitled

"Patch Four-Point-Awesome"

Part I

The loading screen flashes. It's Alterac Valley!
For tanks we've got three blood death knights and a pally.
I conjure like mad. I make a big scene!
I just want to help out the rest of my team.

"Click shinies!" I cry. The warlock agrees.
With cookies and cake, this should be a breeze.
"I'm claiming the mine!" yells Morloch the Trogg,
I wish I could cast on him "Polymorph: Frog"

We buff up. The screen says one minute to go.
The portcullis opens. We're out in the snow!
The big race is on! Avoid being last!
We have Crusader, so our mounts run real fast.

We just have to get Galv on our way to Drek'Thar
The honor from both is better by far
Than just one alone; Though if we're going to lose,
I'd rather lose fast. That would be good news!

Since you get more efficient honor per hour
From quick games (the length of a long hot shower).
There's no need for fighting, we'll just ride right past.
If we head for the Generals, this game will end fast.

Downslope we all charge, then uphill once more.
Six hundred to six hundred— Wait, where is the score?
"It's different!" Somebody shouts with dismay,
"They've taken our reliable Honor away!"

We passed Icewing Bunker, finding several new tenants
A cadre of guards? A Night Elven Lieutenant?
What madness was this that mine eyes did see?
There were NPC's in my PVP!

Not merely four token defenders on flags,
These were real elite mobs, framed with real golden drags!
We rode past, unhindered, for what could we do?
As strange as they seemed, they were on Team Blue.

A few of us left, disgusted, befuddled.
How could this old map have become so muddled?
"I won't stand for this! I demand satisfaction!
They're taken away our PvP action!"

Regardless of those who had dropped from the fight,
We kept riding forward. Though what if they're right?
Could it be we're abandoned, without other players?
"Press on!" Someone cried, "These are Drek'Thar's layers!"

Confused and uncertain, the zerg rumbled on.
This guy seemed to think that nothing was wrong.
I shrugged my blue shoulders, which seemed so pathetic.
All I'd wanted from here was fast honor for epics!

Our zerg fast approaching Balinda's sweet pad,
We faltered a moment; The vet said "Oh, rad!
Those Horde sons of demons are in for a treat!
Our Captain's defended by yet more elites!"

The strangeness had taken a turn for the best,
When, rounding the bunker, we encountered a nest
Of great Winterax Trolls! Imagine that sight!
Three of us they dismounted; They wanted a fight.

We cried, "What the Fel!" And joined in on the skirmish
We were winning (we think) when the front line got squirmish.
"Healer!" They cried,"A druid or priest!
There's a bloke here named Korrak, and he's quite the beast!

Our medics stepped forward, and soon came a tank.
The fight seemed quite simple, the Light to be thanked!
We'd dealt so much damage, fifteen million, at least,
When the Horde zerg approached us from in the southeast!

The Bloodrager forgotten, we turned 'round to face them
It seemed we would never again merely race them.
The battle was bloody; We'd been unprepared,
But soon we discovered that we had been spared!

The Horde had just come through the Field of Strife,
Which, after that patch, was riddled and rife
With Goblin contraptions explosive and timed,
That field was not safe; That field been mined!

The battle was quick, and vicious, and bloody.
I don't quite recall; The mem'ry is muddied.
I think that the winner of that little skirmish
Was Korrak with tusks serrated and curvish.

But we didn't blame him. We wished him no ill.
'Twas those big green-skinned rotters who'd stolen our kill!
We waited in spirit, then rezzed and spread out.
We'd get them; Of that fact there wasn't a doubt!

We divided our forces. I stood there, pensive,
Then opted to ride out on the offensive.
There was heavy resistance all over the place.
No more was this battle a PvE race.

There were NPC's, sure, but Horde players, too.
All fighting together, Red versus Blue.
The place was a warzone, spells flying by fast!
An epic adventure! True PvP, at last!

No flags. No steam tanks. No gimmicky walls.
Just slaughter and mayhem and "Heal the shredder!" calls
Two hours we fought, neither gaining ground.
'Till there came from nearby a most wonderful sound.

"We've done it! They're boned!" Someone screamed in the chat.
I killed off a Blood Elf and, on her corpse, /spat.
Then rode to the edge of the Field of Strife,
Only to fall to an Undead rogue's knife.

I rezzed and went back there to kill some more Horde
But was greeted instead by the Forest Lord.
He wandered around for a minute or three,
This gigantic, angry, walking tree.

The cry went up! We were going to defeat them!
We ran south to Iceblood, preparing to meet them.
Then there arose a new cry from afar...

My blood froze right then (and not from my Ice Block).
My skin was all clammy, the colour of chalk.
We'd each of us summoned Elemental Lords.
But which one was better? Ours? Or the Horde's?

This question comes 'round every few hours or so,
When we queue up to fight in the valley of snow.
We don't always get to summon the tree,
Even so, we adore our new Classic AV!
- Update Drek'Thar's model to reflect the fact that he now fights from the comfort of his wheelchair.

Reason: Because it would be awesome, and because it makes sense lorewise.


But yes, I miss old AV. Haven't seen Lok in years.
I agree with the general premise of your post. We seriously need more PVP love, but I would prefer if Blizz worked on something other than just adding/tweaking battlegrounds. I mean come on, this game is freaking PRINTING MONEY for them!!! There has to be some new and exciting ideas somewhere at their headquarters that they could implement with their army of employees!
The only reason I keep leaving WoW and trying out other games is because the PVP gets stale and barely gets a tiny fraction of the love that PVE gets. Not everyone that plays this game wants to be chained to their chair for 4 hour raids and punished if they can't make it.
I wanna feel like im in an all-out war again...
I want this. I want this a lot! Requested for Sticky! :D
I agree with the general idea, and most of the changes.
Keep those signatures and constructive comments coming! This issue has been ignored for far too long. We need to keep fighting for the PvP that we want!

Your GM ticket's a diamond,
I'm on a horse.
This poem's protesting
For Old AV, of course.
Spread the word of this idea. We all want this to be put in action. I have yet to see any negative critcism
bringing this back up for the day/weekend..

Yet to see a negative response
Bump for old AV
I think they should add more battleground maps...I don't even particularly care about different games, just throw in some new maps since the same 2 WSG and AB maps get kinda boring and when I see I get Isle or AV I want to shoot something.
I never experianced old AV, but it sounds awesome. I would LOVE to see this!
How about updating the Frostwolf Howler/Stormpike Ram mounts, and making them require rep once more? Would add some extra incentive.
I don't even PvP that much and I'd be all over this. Like spiders on an infested bear.
Classic AV made the game feel like World of Warcraft. With nearly every AV now lasting 20 min or less it feels more like World of Skirmishcraft.

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