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you have no idea what you are talking about.

Thank you for vague comment with little to no direction or support. Much appreciated.

feral self heals are *far* worse then warriors, dks, rogues, rets and any hybrid caster. and that's not even counting the *tremendous* opportunity cost a feral pays for using his heals.

the only class with worse self heals then feral is a hunter. even a mage's barrier is more effective healing then a feral can muster.
Completely agree. Feral damage is out of control at the moment.
Reading through this I found most of the criticism to be quite constructive. Although I did see some QQ by classes who most likely fail at their class and could go on complaining about any class that has killed them ever. As someone who plays Boomkin/Feral PvP I can say feral is superior to Boomkin substantially but only because of their mobility and defensive abilities. As a boomkin my damage out put is actually a good amount higher if I can get the proper uptime on a target. I find it is much more difficult to get that uptime as feral but with a Holy Paladin I can manage quite fine. As for the Crits I hear people throwing out it sounds absurd. Have I crit for 30k on someone as feral? Yes. Have I crit for 37k on someone with an instant cast called Starsurge? Yes. How often do these crits come is the question. As a boomkin I can often get to Starsurge crits in a matter of seconds. I have seen those procs put out 70k damage within seconds. As feral I can do roughly the same amount of damage with CDs. From a different melee classes perspective, on my Warrior my output is more. I can often pop recklesness and crit for 25-32k four times in a row. Without cooldowns I can consistently pump out more sustained dps then my druid ever could. Just some food for thought. This class is quite strong, is it bordering overpowered? Yes. But I would not say it is quite there yet, in fact I feel like this game is more balanced than it has been since cataclysm released. And no this is not my main, my main is a Warrior :]

weaker than rogues, dks, and rets. weaker than enhance would be if msw worked on absorbs.

GJ you named 2 classes and 2 specs. That's all the dps, nothing to see here.

i'm not defending "weaker than all dps". usually when people say that they mean "weaker than all melee", and that's debateably true.

EDIT: Also, I forgot to mention frenzied regen.

you didn't forget, your common sense broke through and prevented you from posting nonsense.
07/22/2011 03:59 PMPosted by Larrijr
Oh well. if they nerf my feral I just leveled I can always fall back on the trusty frost mage. it's nice having a spec practically immune to damage AND substantial class nerfs ^.~

This. How does it even get to this point
"Dude, I just got pwned by a feral. To the forums!"
(blue responds acknowledging issues)

"I just got pwned by a frost mage. To the forums!"
"Frost mages are fine, stop QQing."

Because, you know. Us ferals are SO much worse than frost mages.
Just call a hunter.
so PvP in a game not built for PvP is still extremely broken 7 years later?

fancy that.

try StarCraft. even though 2 is not at a perfect place yet... the game is built from the ground up for balanced PvP. all the focus goes to balanced PvP. you will have ZERO PvE'ers crying about your "nerfs" ruining "their game."
07/22/2011 04:19 PMPosted by Jaedeth
No one cares about the opinion of people who only see one side to a debate, or don't even attempt to see.

I do, since pvp players dont have any good ideas, and i already gave the best 2 options.

For someone who cares a lot about PvE, you certainly are lacking in PvE progression. Hotted is an extremely good PvP druid, who's words hold some sort of weight. You, on the other hand, are excelling at pretty much easy content, so I have no idea how you can even assume you know what's best for the game.

great .. more nerfs inc to feral druids because whiners complaining about pvp again. thanks alot. you all know there is another whole section of this game called PVE that keeps getting hosed because of pvprs

How about changes that nerf their PvP damage but maintain their PvE damage?

Why does it need to be one or the other?

Old code is old. I don't think that their code can support separate co-efficients for PvP and PvE.
I believe this is where resilience came in. They add resilience to the combat tables to make a hit from a player do X amount less damage. I don't think they can tell a spell to do "X damage against a player, and Y damage against a mob".
There was this blue post a while back explaining how less skilled people have issues versus a Frost Mage, while a knowledgeable opponent does not.

Just keep that in mind.

i am. i use it to feed my anger.

07/22/2011 04:24 PMPosted by Jaedeth
Eh if that means making certain abilities function differently in PvP then yes


I don't think they cant tell a spell to do "X damage against a player, and Y damage against a mob".

they do it for deep freeze. if they can make it check for stun immunity and deal damage based on that, they can do so for other spells (even those that don't stun).
I would LOVE for you to post screenshots of a feral hitting you for 34k. Please.

actually, a friend of mine wanted to test his self buffed dps on me in pvp gear last night and idk what he used to hit me for 36k but it happened.. all i seen on my screen was 19k 22k 18k 36k 29k then cheat death procd, there were a few bleed ticks for 3-6k. all this dmg happened over a period of 6-7 second to.. i don't have a screenshot of it atm but i could get him to test his dps again on me in the next day or so (whenever he logs in) and show you a screenshot.

Would just like to share a little something:
Ferals do damn-good damage - But Rogues are capable of higher burst; once a minute.

The sheer amount of damage in this game is a little ridiculous, with the health pools. Admittedly I havent done any 2200+ arena this expansion, but objectively it looks like with the quadrupled health pools, little has changed from lolWotLK'd.
07/22/2011 03:14 PMPosted by Zarhym
Thanks for taking time to break your feedback down, Hotted. We're keeping a close eye on Feral in PvP and understand the concern. Things currently on our radar include the Berserk duration, the Unheeded Warning trinket, and the Predatory Swiftness talent.

You do know the OP is a balance and restoration druid (though the name HOTTED pretty much shows that). If you change predatory swiftness you destroy feral druids along with changing berserk duration since we're CC"d sometimes for 5 or more seconds during its duration - the OP who failed to give a convincing argument forgot to mention the counters.

Berserk - CC the druid, stop him while you see this buff up
Predatory swiftness - Dispel it, the druid himself is CC'ing himself for a second or two by shifting out for a 6 - 4 - 2 second cyclone.

The only thing that would need a change for PvP is unheeded warning otherwise the developers really need to stop destroying a class based on unnecessary crying otherwise let's juts nerf Sub rogues, frost mages, affliction locks, all healers, frost dk, arms warrior, etc. even more so.

Another thing the OP obviously thinks there's only one solution, hey guess what - fix Balance and restoration, feral isn't the problem.
Somebody (lot's of somebodies actually) said it earlier but I'll repeat it. Nerf Unheeded Warning to the ground. You can't base so many hard-hitting attacks on weapon damage and create a trinket that boosts weapon damage by close to 50%.

Only then can you really start looking at things like talents.

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