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dagglet, i like your post. <3

=) I try.

07/22/2011 04:54 PMPosted by Nimbosa
i'd prefer not having feral gutted because of a trinket.

This. It's ridiculously strong because of how Feral works. Huge modifiers on weapon damage because we work at a 1.0 speed, rather than a 3.6 like a 2h class, or a 2.6 like Enh/Some rogue.

Nerf the trinket next week. I need to have my rep one first! :3
I think damage in general is just too high - for all classes (particularly in battlegrounds, where arcane mages can stand in the background sniping everyone!). An aura reducing damage by 10-15% only active in battlegrounds would really be beneficial I think.
Well said OP.

I agree completely with the fact that there Burst is extreamly high, and the instant cc is quite bothering.

I think another problem though is the ability to go bear form and reduce damage taken by such a large amount. The class should have defensive cd's for pvp, but I think Feral has a bit to much with; Savage Defense, Barkskin + glyph, Survival tactics and Frenzied Rejuvenation.
Let's please not devolve too much into a discussion of "get your PvE/PvP balance out of my PvP/PvE game!" It's just not beneficial to anyone.

That said, we're happy with Feral performance in PvE overall. It we were to nerf Predatory Swiftness, it'd have a minor impact on PvE. Unheeded Warning is both a PvE and PvP problem. The particular mechanics of the trinket keep it disproportionately powerful for Feral druids. Nerfing Berserk would have PvE ramifications, but we'll take steps overall to make sure your dps doesn’t drop in PvE. We do everything we can to ensure we're considering all aspects of gameplay when approaching class balance.

you guys are always talking about balancing classes after reviewing multiple pieces of factual data.

So you can stop all of the complaining about class X for once (which most of the time is usually just a bandwagon), and get people to shut up for once about saying the devs can't balance i propose that the next dev watercooler blog thing would be a shown example about classes balances. not just an overview about how you go about it but have the devs post logs of data, and then show us how they would analyze that piece of data. so that way you can shove it into everyone's face and show to them that class X is not factually op.
07/22/2011 05:03 PMPosted by Crocadoodle
"Setup" time for a move is totally irrelevant.

why? it's like a reverse cooldown.

07/22/2011 05:03 PMPosted by Crocadoodle
Last I checked, the rune system has an impact on how often DK's can use their special moves. I'm not sure what the CD on doing a FB is, but I know for a fact a DK can't spam Oblit.

i have a dk. a level 60 dk, sure, but rune regen only gets better with gear. 1 frost 1 unholy? that's as often as death strikes. i tank on my dk. i get death strikes more often than i can get bites as a feral in pvp.

i said they can do it more often, and they can. i didn't say they could spam it.
While the DK posted a pic of this giant FB....its proc/CD based. If it crits its huge..if it doesnt its not so bad. Problem is...does that same DK post his HUGE crits. I have been hit by a DK and Warriors for huge amounts of my health too. The bigger question is are players just not use to ferals being competitive. We were gimped for so long that it seems a few players just are not sure how to deal with us. While the trinket does tend to make us a strong or "op" does that mean the spec needs a nerf or just the trinket. I myself will wait and watch what happens. There is always a work around or another way to go.
I think the biggest problem with pvp right now is that under geared and less skilled players are getting stomped by more skilled and better geared players and then cry nerf.

I just dueled outside of org for a good 10 minutes against different people with different resil.

I had:
15k ap
40% crit
16 mastery
1% haste

56k bite on lvl 85 dummy.
Biggest bite i saw was 26k on a DK with 3200 resil and 20k armor.
On 3500 resil shaman, 15k bite
4100 resil warrior 8k.

Granted I do not have any buffs in duels.
Also this was all against people that were just standing there. Not debuffing me. Not buffing themselves. Not avoiding damage.

Either I am using rank 1 abilities (impossible) or the people complaining about 38k bites were in pve gear/not pvp gear.
I fraps'd it all too and COULD post up on youtube.
07/22/2011 05:12 PMPosted by Trombone
I fraps'd it all too and COULD post up on youtube.

do it do it do it

07/22/2011 05:13 PMPosted by Moradìm
perhaps the time has come to make cyclone dispellable?

ps-procced cyclones being dispellable and lasting 8 seconds is something i could deal with.
07/22/2011 05:05 PMPosted by Crocadoodle
You'd also have to reduce the healing as well, or healers would never died with an active damage reduction aura.

This is reasonable, but I don't think a nerf as substantial as what is deserving of dps is needed with healing: it's not *as* powerful as damage is currently, but if it was left the way it is, you're absolutely right. :)
07/22/2011 05:13 PMPosted by Moradìm
perhaps the time has come to make cyclone dispellable?

Duration would have to be increased then. Range too. Would HAVE to make it a standard CC at that point.

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