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So my main is a decently geared tank (Badge and vendor gear from the molten front) in her offspec and I was wonder which of the "Glory of the Hero" Achievements aren't solo-able besides "Share the love."

Just as a note, The ones she needs are "Split personality," "Chaos Theory," "Watch him die," "Respect your elders," "Volunteer work," "Consumption Junction," "Dehydration," "A void dance, " "Share the love," "Abuse the ooze," "Zombiefest," and the drake voids and experienced drake rider.
Oculus ones won't be possible, unless the drakes scale extremely well.

Respect Your Elders will be the only one of the others strictly not possible, as you need to have the Guardian over 100 yards from the boss, and you can't do that unless you have a second person in there to keep aggro on the Guardian while you kill the boss. All the others seem possible and perfectly doable.
According to the comments on wowhead for the achieve, can solo Respect your Elders as a mage, hunter, dk, and Ret pally (i believe). I haven't actually tried it as ret, but I have done it as DK using the dark simulacrum method. Considering how easy that was, I'm now thinking about going and doing it tonight. I can say it requires a dps spec, not a tank spec.
Just soloed the "Respect your Elders" today as Ret.

In the room before boss there is a path behind you (as youre facing the boss room) that leads up a ramp to a dead end. Clear all of that. Aggro the boss, run back and tank him with your back to the web (dead end). You'll never have the Guardian reach you if your DPS is decent.

I was also able to do "Chaos Theory." There wasn't really any clever method to it, just DPS your heart out and stay alive through his immunity to finish him off.

I did "Watch Him Die" as well. Pop a Flask of Titanic Strength, used Beer-Basted Crocolisk, Blessing of Might, Devotion Aura and Seal of Insight. Focus ALL your DPS on the boss and Bubble when you're at low heath. You should have him down pretty low before you need to do that if you use your DP, DS adn WoG. I was even able to make it out of the instance without dying from the rest of the mobs and watchers.

Good Luck!
What issues were you having with VH? is it the split itself or just hitting him the necessary number of times to get the split? If its the former I hope you are using the levers to down the adds and if its the latter just make sure to do the most number of hits(in your specific case go fire for the dots..use flamestrike and I know there are old potions that do damage on hit(thorns style) that will all count towards the number of hits needed.)

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