Warrior + H-Pally LF competent RBG's or UH DK

As the title says, looking for a serious Rated BG group. Will go prot if it's needed, my partner = Healshappen.


And/or looking for a competent Unholy DK for 3's for TSG.

Looking to do something worthwhile rather than random 2's for points. Pst/mail in game to either of us, thanks for your time.
Why unholy? Frost has more readily available burst time set-ups...
If all games lasted under 2 minutes, yeah.

It's unhealable pressure vs quick game burst you can get CC'd out of. Personally, my play-style would be the first.
The focus pet macros w/ the multiple pet interupts, also helps keep the healer in combat(DK and Paladin taunt macro's won't always keep them in combat due to LoS/range) stun, AMZ, constant desecration vs having to spam necro strike as frost, having survivability and self healing due to the strength of UH's deathcoil, because the DK will be focused 80% of the time at higher ratings. Although because this toon isn't in a RBG or high 3's, doesn't mean I don't have DK myself in 2.3k+.

However, it would be much much easier to find a frost DK who does decent damage by rolling his face, than it would be to find an unholy DK w/ focus/pet macros, or one that can control their pet in general. And, I don't want to x-fer my DK here.

TLDR; Player preference

Still, WTB a RBG group (if you say 1500+ minimum req, why? anyone who sits all day in trade and hops in trade chat groups can do this)

and a DK, frost or unholy at this point, just send me mail or a tell in-game please~
The biggest reason people ran Unholy DK's with a melee cleave team is to prevent a sap. Which is why Teh Super Gosus was such an awesome team vs RMP. However, this has been fixed to my knowledge...

Gnaw is on a 1min CD, not a 30sec CD anymore...

Many high rated frost DK's spec into desecration over 1 min strang.

Frost can also set-up necrotic strikes easier than Unholy for burst opportunities, along with insane bursts with frost strikes all the time.

Frost also provides self heals with a ghoul sac, licheborn, and even more Deathstrikes over Unholy.

I'm not saying frost is better. What I'm trying to say is running any melee cleave team is fine, just know how to control and set up your kills with what you get.

Limiting yourself to just an Unholy DK might get frustrating after awhile...
Oh hai!

I need to get you two back on realID! My email got hacked, and when you switch your email it drops your realID list. I'll try logging onto lightbringer soon to hit you up.

I run with a few RBG groups and I'll hit you up if we need some.

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