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08/05/2011 02:41 PMPosted by Xanzul
Again like I said most companies have realized "the customer is always right" can be detrimental to their business and that losing one customer due to irrational illogical nonsensical complaints and demands not being addressed in the manner they want can easily be worth keeping 10 other customers that are happy with the product and capable of constructive criticism.

Very well, but that doesn't mean that you have to tell your costumers "lolcoolstorybrah" when they say things like that. I agree sometimes they don't have to make EVERY costumer happy, but I do think they should not answer like that.
Tab targeting isn't broken for me

If it were my choice, I'd shed 1 million cry babies like you in order to keep just a single Zarhym.Paying your subscription doesn't mean you run this game, just like paying your taxes doesn't mean you run your country.Now go level another alt, because you know you're not going to stop playing WoW.

Huh? I never said I was. This games freaking awesome.
08/05/2011 03:01 PMPosted by Cheater
Oh sorry, I should have expressed that this was mostly directed at the people threatening to end their subscription. But I'm far too lazy to go back and find those quotes, so you're the new victim

Nah, I won't cancel my subscription unless something goes VERY WRONG. As of now I'm very much happy with the game, just a tad bit cynical(spelling?) About blues saying... their blue things.

Don't get me wrong, I love em all. They seem very nice and Blizz service is top notch... I just don't agree with everything they say is all. I don't think that's wrong.
Sooo many blue reply in this post. Less talking more action ... fix this asap and do a patch seriously.

DPS complains about how its annoying ... just imagine one second tanks that need to handle multiple add on boss fight and keep switching target multiple time during the fight.

You might call it an annoying bug ... I call that a MAJOR problem when it affect directly my raid encounter.

Edit :
Referring to dead corpse targeting mostly. When you tank 5-10add that die quickly its very annoying that you keep retargeting a dead corpse when your target die over and over again none stop ... its stupid ... very stupid.
08/05/2011 01:09 PMPosted by Zarhym
Honestly, I was kinda thinking in my head that you literally meant that you wrote down my comment "Rupett will un-sub if targeting bug is not fixed" on a sticky note and stuck it to your monitor.

I was at home when I wrote that, but I kind of like this idea. :)

I like you Z. I appreciate the feedback that this bug will be fixed (as well as other issues) and I appreciate "Your Team's" hard work. I know you could easily just not ever respond to us but here you are doing so.

Seriously. Thank You.
I KB my tab to only target players, helped a lot.
I will be quitting if you don't put a sticky note on your monitor saying "Pallyandy will quit if this note isn't here"!
It was more of a hint at our estimated timeline for releasing such a thing.

Haha, last night when i read your post, i could clearly tell that you were hinting that the patch was probably coming this week. Thanks for spelling it out though.
08/04/2011 11:41 PMPosted by Zarhym
Sorry, it's been a while since we've communicated anything about this. Our team has been very busy lately working on a lot of cool things, as well as finalizing plans for BlizzCon, but we're trying to keep our eyes on the forums as much as possible in the process. :)

Thanks for communicating with us finally and letting us know whats happening on your end, we appreciate it.
08/05/2011 11:50 AMPosted by Zarhym
There was additional meaning implied in my post, but not the meaning you think.

Well Zar...I got it when I saw the post on MMO-C yesterday. I guess subtly is not the communities strong suit. Maybe because I read every blue post and pay attention to patterns (like only rolling restarts last week) that I got it.

So for the rest of is a TS;DC (Too Subtle;Didn't Comprehend)...

Zar was hinting that we might very well get that patch this coming week.
I've been waiting for them to fix tab since BC. Is there anyone else around from then, that remembers how tab operated prior to the first patch of that expansion - the patch which also made it so that you could no longer see nameplates through walls?

Tab operated BEAUTIFULLY in vanilla, and up until a patch into BC. It was extremely intuitive. You almost always tabbed to what you want, whether or not it was what was in front of you. I don't know what kind of calculations went into it or how it worked, but it was absolutely fantastic. It's like it read my mind.

Since then, I have almost never encountered a situation where tab gets me the creature I want in 5 button presses or less. It's not a recent thing, although there have definitely been some very annoying developments to the entire targeting system recently. The real problem with tab has been there since BC when they seem to have rewrote the whole system.
08/05/2011 12:50 AMPosted by Daroc


Ha! I love this.

So short, yet powerful.


The first thing that came to mind when I saw that post was that Zarhym was giving a very subtle hint that the patch WILL be released next Tuesday. They can't come right out and say it because Blizzard never announces a patch date in advance.
08/05/2011 12:18 AMPosted by Zarhym
It takes all of 5 seconds to post a " We Be Fixing the Targeting Bug" thread.

It's not that simple though, especially when you consider all of the other things players feel we could/should be saying on these forums. That said, my original point was that we know we need to push harder to keep the level of communication up.

blizz is just really good at making "simple" real hard
08/05/2011 05:22 PMPosted by Lsannta

It's not that simple though, especially when you consider all of the other things players feel we could/should be saying on these forums. That said, my original point was that we know we need to push harder to keep the level of communication up.

blizz is just really good at making "simple" real hard

You really have no idea how this game's community regularly behaves if you think "Sorry, we know this is happening, still looking into it" would have been good enough.

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