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Tab: Targets the nearest enemy to you.
Click Tab .... "Targets Blizzard's slow response to this extremely significant issue"
(However, it wouldn't do that even cause ironically it can't work to even do that)

With all due respect wake up Blizz! Issue still at large on servers (Chain of Thought or Action as shown blow might help);
1. Create a toon.
2. Try Tab Targeting.
3. Does is work ideally as intended ("No" Go to Step-4) ("Yes" Fo to Step-5)
4. Implement fixes (Step-2).
5. Claim Tab Targeting is fine.

The quality of this game is dropping significantly and Counter-Measures are implemented way too late. This is clearly evident in the dwindling number of subscribers. Last thing you want is to completely !@#$ up the image of the game you worked so hard to develop.
Tab Target still sucks, especially in PVP. Try having to switch between a mage and a surprise rogue, then watch in horror as the target goes BEHIND YOU and won't come back up front. I know what I want to do, but the interface simply won't let me.

Great, now I have to be a clicker just to do BGs. Thanks, Blizz.
We do have a fix for this ready, however, it will require a client-side patch to address. We're in the process of building a small patch to fix this and a few other issues which also need client updates. You're likely to see what we call a fast patch in the near future (a la patch 4.1.0A in recent past: <a href=""></a>).

Sorry, it's been a while since we've communicated anything about this. Our team has been very busy lately working on a lot of cool things, as well as finalizing plans for BlizzCon, but we're trying to keep our eyes on the forums as much as possible in the process. :)

So where is that fix you promised us? As others have said, if this was a bug benefiting players you'd have it hotfixed within hours. Something that makes the game very frustrating, well that can just never be fixed, who cares right?

Going on 4 months now. We'd like an answer.
Is this also why I have to press TAB twice in order to switch off my current target? That is so annoying.
i would just LOVE if tab target would select the target that's 1 foot in front of me instead of a totem that's 20 yards behind me. this bothers me so much SPECIALLY during PVP. it's atrocious! maddening to say the least.
i completely understand. i've actually broken quite a few mice because it angered me so much selecting crap that's behind me instead of something 1 inch in front of me. FIX THIS PLEASE!
I love having 3 targets in front of me, and my tab cycles through pets and totems.
Nice necro.

Yes, i realize you wanted to address an old issue. But it is a lot less confusing if you just started a new thread.
I have been thinking I was the only one with this problem since Wotlk..
08/05/2011 12:14 AMPosted by Zarhym
To be clear, we know it's an annoying issue and it's unfortunate that it went live. But as I spoke in another thread a while back (a portion of which someone quoted earlier in this thread), this is a relatively complicated issue. We haven't just been sitting on it all this time. We want to make sure the fix is good, while also avoiding throwing together a quick patch to address it at the risk of breaking other things.

Thanks for working on it. With the deathwing raid, tab target acquisition is very important.
Nice necro.

Yes, i realize you wanted to address an old issue. But it is a lot less confusing if you just started a new thread.

This is actually worth the necro so that people can see this was an issue that was never addressed.

If it were a new thread, it would appear that the problem just recently appeared.

Tab target needs to be fixed. There needs to be an option that actually lets you ignore totems and pets (especially hunter snake trap) in pvp.
I would love to know the state of tab targeting. My dwarf hunter was running a dungeon a few days ago. We were clearing trash leading to the boss. Our tank engaged the last three mobs before the boss battle. I was facing the tank and mobs, hit tab, sent in my pet and fired, and then realized I had pulled the boss, WHO WASN'T EVEN ON MY SCREEN! It ended up being a wipe, and I rightfully apologized to the group, who were pretty cool about it, but I'm still annoyed I tabbed offscreen.

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