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08/05/2011 12:28 AMPosted by Simca
Anyway, it's safe to say that if Blizzard could hit a magic button that said "FIX TAB TARGETTING", I think they probably would have done it by now, whether for money, fans, or the happiness of kittens everywhere.

Exactly. Blizzard is a company that exists for one reason and one reason only: To provide its shareholders and investors with a profit. If their product has a problem that is going to in any way hinder that objective, don't you think they're going to do whatever they can to fix it?

The good thing about Blizzard is that they ALWAYS are more interested in doing something the GOOD way and the RIGHT way, instead of just doing something the quick and easy way. If it means we have to wait another couple of weeks for a solution, so be it. I'd rather they get it right than do it half-cheeked and cause yet another set of problems on top of it.

Don't expect a perfectly done filet-mignon from the best chefs in the business in the same time it takes for some pimple faced prepubescent to glue together a Big Mac. That's just unreasonable.
08/05/2011 12:21 AMPosted by Rupett
A patch needs to come out to fix this by next Tuesday or I'm not paying for another month of game time.

Well... bye.

Seriously, if you actually enjoy this game, it's not going to matter too much if this thing gets patched next Tuesday. As stated, a patch is coming. Yes, this bug existed on the PTR, and was reported back then. Yes, lots of bug reports from the PTR seemingly get ignored and we watch these bugs go live.

If you had the same disdain towards Microsoft for unleashing buggy operating systems upon the world that you have for Blizzard, we wouldn't be having this conversation.
07/27/2011 11:03 PMPosted by Vanche
Does blizzard intend on actually looking into this? Tab Target works 5% of the time honestly. You have to straight up spam tab to try TRY and target the person beside you. Take a note from WaR there Tab system is beautiful. I love wow just PLEASE look into this. 5/10000 times it will work.

your problem is that you tab target, l2 nameplate; problem solved
There's a time frame that's appropriate for handling bugs like this. Even handling them so that they don't crop back up or cause new problems. That time frame has expired a long time ago.

A patch needs to come out to fix this by next Tuesday or I'm not paying for another month of game time.

It's not even acceptable that these targeting bugs got past QA and the PTR, especially when people are saying that this issue was brought up on the PTR and ignored.
There is also a time frame appropriate for knowing how fixes are assembled, tested and fixed. In the five weeks since 4.2 was released Blizzard has had to field reports on this, assemble the likely culprits, pin them down precisely, write code changes, test them so they don't break anything else, and then consider them for release. Routine enough when it's a single broken item causing the flaw but, as an earlier blue post touched on, the tab-targeting issue appears to be a family of closely related bugs...all which naturally require the above fix methodology.

Factor in too that this isn't game breaking - nuisance perhaps but as a raid tank it's simple enough to adapt around - or even close to game breaking you can see why it wasn't rushed out in the two or three reasonably available patch days since 4.2 went live. That your chosen method of expressing yourself is 'fix it now or I'm taking my marbles and going home' is unfortunate in light of the relatively little time they've had to do a fix right and push it out.

Ultimately you're either demanding a client side patch for each bug as they're fixed - a nuisance to customers and a QA mess - or you're demanding unsafe material be released faster as fixing one bug is worth creating two. Or perhaps you're simply unclear on the difficulty of patching mass-released software inside a large studio with a number of safety rules in place.

Either way, I suggest a revisiting of the original post and perhaps offering constructive opinions to Blizzard on appropriate time frames for issues.
What pisses me off playing my Rogue is even after tabbing it will still keep the corpse of the last mob you killed targeted which makes it difficult to track combo points. I'm assuming it's something to do with combo points left on the body and the ability to recuperate from them.
It took ages to fix the "mobs run through you to attack your back when you move in ANY direction" bug (and it still isn't entirely fixed fyi - would LOVE a reversion to pre-3.3 mechanics).

It's still happening. My tank deals with both the tab issue and mobs deciding to over-react to every little movement I make. I'd rather they fix the tab-targeting first, of course, but this is one of those bugs that makes me wonder if a 7 boss raid and a laggy slog-fest of a daily zone was really REALLY needed that badly over the probability of breaking an important and fundamental gameplay mechanic. I personally think it shouldn't have released like this, considering what we got and what got broken.
Hm... I was going to voice my annoyance about tab-targeting when I opened this thread, but once I saw a blue post...

I'm very glad to see that Blizzard acknowledges the problem and is working on a solution. I've been annoyed countless times by tab-targeting, and it's nearly caused me to die in-game numerous times. Unfortunately, using the cursor to target enemies doesn't cross my mind in combat, hence leading to situations like, "No, WoW, I do not want to target that dead monster, I want to target the one that's currently turning me into steak with an axe."

A patch needs to come out to fix this by next Tuesday or I'm not paying for another month of game time.

You should be grateful you are getting a fix. I've come from an MMORPG that has been plagued by gameplay and technical problems for years and has never been fixed or even acknowledged by the staff. Blizzard cares about us enough to acknowledge there is an issue with tab targeting and they even say they are working on a solution. Blizzard isn't WoW exclusive; they have other priorities to take care of. Acting like a child won't make your patch come any faster. I will gladly wait until Blizzard releases it, whenever it may be.
08/05/2011 12:18 AMPosted by Zarhym
It takes all of 5 seconds to post a " We Be Fixing the Targeting Bug" thread.

It's not that simple though, especially when you consider all of the other things players feel we could/should be saying on these forums. That said, my original point was that we know we need to push harder to keep the level of communication up.

I know your second sentence is there, so I'm not ignoring it.

But it IS that simple. You just come on, and post that you're fixing the bug - like you just did in this thread. Just don't take a month to do it. And the concern about all of the other things players feel you should post about doesn't stop Blues from posting in the latest "Hug a whatever" or "What's your favorite donkey color?" or "How big is your hat?" thread. This is what really bothers people, that fluff threads (which, according to the forum rules, should just be deleted anyway) perceptually get more attention than actual issues.

You're not here to be our friend, and as much as this statement might bite me in the butt, maybe some of you should stop trying to be.
08/05/2011 04:58 AMPosted by Depayens
your problem is that you tab target, l2 nameplate; problem solved

I click when I need to, but not for that.
Tab-targeting worked before and now is broke. That is not a problem because of OUR playstyle.
I didn't read everything up till here. Anyway I'm happy a fix will be added before too long.
08/05/2011 12:22 AMPosted by Zarhym

Best Post Ever hahahahah
08/05/2011 12:22 AMPosted by Zarhym
A patch needs to come out to fix this by next Tuesday or I'm not paying for another month of game time.


Oh noes, then blizzard will have lost 300,001 subscribers.
Posted by Rupett
A patch needs to come out to fix this by next Tuesday or I'm not paying for another month of game time.



You can't, bud. You just cannot respond this way. I know the tendency is to believe that all WoW players must be wage earners, or bagging groceries, but quite a few of us hold salaried positions that place us in roles similar to yours. And this response... No.

When put into the context of a game that LOST 900k subscribers over the last 6 months, the best response is no response. Oh, you're thinking IT. I know you are. I'd be thinking IT too. But you simply cannot respond to paying customers with this atypical, smart-alack response. This is very unbecoming of a learned professional such as yourself, and reeks of condescension towards the people who enrich the company. Diablo 3 is on the way, I get it. We aren't there yet, and I suspect when you get there it may be less satisfying than originally hoped. But I digress!

If you can't treat the common customer with any more restraint than I'm seeing, a job title change could be in order.

The customer is not always right, and when unreasonable demands are made the customer must be reminded that their demands are unreasonable.

This is no different than telling someone that they should patronize another store because yours refuses to meet their demands.

You note a lack of restraint where I note Zarhym not going off the wall insane like you imply he did and replying in a calm manner.

It happens.
I believe i see way to many douche bags posting on threads like this. Let them know whats up and they will reply they have other things to do besides hold your hands and walk you through information for patches and hot fix's. Im with the blues on this one and most of the other threads they post on. sometimes you have to be rude to little cry babies all these little rich kids that cant wait for a process DEAL WITH IT AND STOP POSTING YOUR QQ.
We do have a fix for this ready, however, it will require a client-side patch to address. We're in the process of building a small patch to fix this and a few other issues which also need client updates. You're likely to see what we call a fast patch in the near future (a la patch 4.1.0A in recent past:

Sorry, it's been a while since we've communicated anything about this. Our team has been very busy lately working on a lot of cool things, as well as finalizing plans for BlizzCon, but we're trying to keep our eyes on the forums as much as possible in the process. :)

As knee-jerk as many of the reactions are, I have to say that the wait on this when a fix is apparently available is getting tiresome. One of the things about Cataclysm was supposedly "more, faster patches". Release this as its own patch this coming Tuesday, release the rest next week or when it's ready.

Waiting for a bunch of trivial and very area-specific fixes to be prepared to fix something that's borderline gamebreaking is very frustrating. Firelands is very add-focused, having Tab not work and abilities deciding they'd rather switch targets back to dead mobs instead of what you're trying to target is awful.

I have to imagine as someone who is a new tank trying to level and gear through normals/heroics for the first time at 85 this has to be intensely aggravating at times. I know from personal experience with a newly-85 warrior that the situation can get completely bizarre. Heroic throw one target, tab to a different to charge, hit charge, and charge runs to a third different target for no apparent reason.

This is in addition to the simple extremely random nature of tab-targeting in general. As a function that was largely popularized in MMOs through WoW and one that is so integral to gameplay, I would think this would be a higher priority.

EDIT: By the way, seriously, the people going "omg lost subscribers WoW is dead" are ridiculous. The game still holds 11 million subscribers. It's been the most successful and popular P2P MMO for nearly 7 years. I'd be more concerned with the fact that the industry hasn't come up with any reasonable competition in all this time. To expect a MMO to not 'slow down' after nearly 7 years is unrealistic. Before WoW you'd be hard-pressed to find players that held a MMO subscription for more than a year or two, nevermind a huge playerbase that's been playing for 6.

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