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If anyone would like to take the time and learn how Blizzard actually works on technical problems behind the scenes, here you go.

AGDC '09: Frank Pearce & J. Allen Brack Keynote

Yes this is from 2009. Which just means that since then there has been more data that Blizzard has to keep track of and test.
08/05/2011 07:56 AMPosted by Apex
You simply have to walk away from belligerent customers. That's it. No funny BS retorts designed to embarrass the customer in front of others *ahem* (retorts that only encourage the customer to become MORE belligerent, by the way).

Clearly your job is in a field of customer service where you're not allowed to simply silence the customer's speaking rights when they break the rules of communication.
Personally I'm predicting more attitude and more subtle dismissals from Big Blue.
08/05/2011 09:07 AMPosted by Apex
Your career advancement or lack thereof will suffice as my training tool.

Now who's making backhanded comments?
We rely on you, Zarhym, to inform us of important things and it sucks to be told that you were preoccupied and couldnt feed us the knowledge we desire.

Hell, id gladly jump in a barbarian death pit and fight my way out just to have a job like yours!

Your our greatest source of daily information!

Well, I do appreciate that you have this level of respect for us, Madbro, and also hold us to high expectations. All's I can say is I completely understand where you're coming from. :)

Look, I'll be the first to complain about the lack of Blue communications with the player base . . . but this is one where Blizz has been on the ball. They acknowledged it was a problem right away, they said it would take a client side patch right away, they said it wasn't going to be easy to fix.

What do people want? A minute by minute update or something?
The targeting issues are murder when tanking. Even when specifically clicking on a new target, my next ability will inexplicably select the previous target; usually targets a corpse.
Lost target on the mobbed skull last night in stonecore and was just nuking the unmarked mob. It changed and I have no idea how.

Can we fix the tab targeting so I can tunnel tab through the mobs please :)
08/05/2011 10:15 AMPosted by Jamon
The targeting issues are murder when tanking. Even when specifically clicking on a new target, my next ability will inexplicably select the previous target; usually targets a corpse.

Now this is a real issue
This has been a problem for years, not months. I remember being in Lich King heroics and tab targeting crap on the floor below or above me. Now that sounds broken to me.
08/05/2011 12:00 AMPosted by Zarhym
nice your in the process of building a small patch after this problem was reported on for months now. But i understand blizz con is more important, so we will wait till it gets fixed.

Having a textual conversation really doesn't have to work this way. I specifically said "my team" in my post to ensure there was no confusion -- but even then I can't ensure anyone correctly understands the meaning of what they're reading.

My team doesn't build patches. And the people working to develop, test, and deploy fixes, and create new patch builds, aren't preoccupied with BlizzCon right now.

The process of documenting, troubleshooting, and testing bug fixes is complicated and constant. We've made many fixes since day one of patch 4.2's release, most of which could be done server-side. All the while we've been working on fixes for bugs that can't be addressed without a client-side patch. But the process for creating a stable new patch build to address any known issues is certainly not as easy as I think you're implying.

I think people could have a better understanding of just how hard you really work if you start telling them all the nitty-gritty details of what you fix, and when, and why.

I mean, I personally know you guys are hard at work. Game development/programming is not easy, and the results aren't always visible to the players...

But maybe if you just started giving them too MUCH information, they'll stop complaining that you guys never do anything. They assume that the only changes you guys are putting into the game are the ones that you announce.

Which is obviously not true. But... frankly, they don't know otherwise, so can you blame them? /shrug

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