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I have the following castsequence macro for my Felguard that is supposed to use Pursuit with the first click, Legion Strike with the second click, and Felstorm with the third click:

/castsequence reset=target Pursuit, Legion Strike, Felstorm

When I have something targeted and use this macro, my Felguard will use Pursuit and Legion Strike but no Felstorm with the third click.

Any thoughts? Or can anyone recommend a better macro that simply has my Felguard use these 3 abilities on my current target?

Thank you
I wonder....
Felstorm is a bit of an aoe attack and I'm not sure about its target requirements. Does the felguard cast it normally on a single target and the dmg spreads on surrounding targets or is it an aoe move with no targetting required? I mean does it still keep its initial target when it's casting it? Not sure if the reset=target would affect it is what I mean. What happens if you take the reset out?

Also you're sure it has the mana requirement it needs for casting it and the spell is not on CD when you're trying this macro right?
ty for the reply. Nothing is on cooldown.

Felstorm does not have a target - the Felguard just wildly swings his axe and hits all enemies with a certain distance of him. At least that is how I read it.

Felstorm is causing the problem. I took out the reset=target and only Pursuit and Legion Strike worked like before.
Crap. And putting it to cast say...first in the sequence? Is it still felstorm that's the problem or just whatever is in the 3rd position?
It is Felstorm that is the problem. I took out Legion Strike and made Felstorm the 2nd ability and it did not work.

Actually, I am happy with just the first 2 working and possibly just clicking Felstorm while casting with other hand at the same time. Hope that does not make me a "clicker"!
Felstorm can be keybound as well.
Yeah you might have to. Not sure why that spell in particular won't play nice. You could always do it like this:

/cast [mod:shift] Felstorm
/castsequence [nomod:shift] reset=target Pursuit, Legion Strike

so you don't have to click it.
/cast [mod:shift] Felstorm
/castsequence [nomod:shift] reset=target Pursuit, Legion Strike

I will try this - ty.

Most likely I will keybind it like Stridulust said.

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