Disc PvP Discussion - Tweaking Your Priest

I’m someone who’s trying to learn how to be a great Discipline Priest in PvP Settings. I haven’t really found a good comprehensive guide for this. Iapetus has a starter guide if you’re looking for one: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/2878700006?page=1

To support the efforts I’ve created an OMG WALL OF TEXT of thoughts and experiences with Disc PvP. Just getting ready for PvP has been incredible. I’ve been trying out and testing so many things. The more research I do, the more Discipline seems to be a very tweakable spec. With all the varying opinions out there, so many players have a particular make up that gives them the “feel” they seek. Also, PvP is always further challenged in that battlegrounds, rated battlegrounds, and Arena players all tweak things slightly differently based on their needs.

I decided to try and write down all the things I’ve come across in hopes that we can get the information out there. This is my post to attempt to document what my thoughts are on how to PvP as a Discipline Priest. I’ll update this if we get some good data, opinions, consensus, or just other thoughts as necessary. Where I can, I’ll include the divergent opinions. It’s important for every PvP Discipline Priest to tinker with their character to develop their personal style. Find what “feels” right. It’s my hope that everyone can learn something and find the tweaks that make the Discipline Tree so interesting and fun. And figure out how to tweak along the way. Fine tuning is a never ending process.

Disclaimer: I’m not a theorycrafter. (Math is hard, let’s go to the mall!) Feel free to add any math to prove or disprove a point. Just know that it’s “blah blah blah” to me and I’ll just consider the end point if it’s summed up in a simple way. As for my experience, I have yet to play WoW for a year. There are plenty of things that I may not know or have absolutely wrong. I’m open to criticism and commentary. Just keep it pleasant and positive because I don’t like to cry in a corner licking my wounds. With regards to Rated Battlegrounds, my experience is new and growing. Lastly, I’ve never stepped foot in the Arena. Hopefully soon. Until then, please let me know if any of your comments and criticisms are directly related to the Arena setting.

One last note: I hate the word “throughput.” To me, increasing throughput means decreasing input while increasing output. There’s many talents that reduce input (i.e. less mana cost) and talents that increase output (i.e. % increase to healing or damage). Unless there’s a situation that legitimately does both, I’m not likely to use the term throughput.
“It's better to look ahead and prepare than to look back and regret.”- Jackie Joyner Kersee

To be ready for PvP, you’ll need gear, a complete Discipline talent spec, gems, enchants, and reforges.

Talent Spec:

In reviewing various PvP specs I could find, I didn’t really find very many took the Archangel, Evangelism and Atonement talent points. My belief is that these aren’t really as useful in a PvP setting. There just aren’t enough points in the tree for everything you can possibly want. If someone posts a PvP build with these three talents, we can discuss it and add it here for reference. Also, I tend to devalue Haste, so if anyone has a build that favors Haste, feel free to post it.

The first tier must have talents are Improved Power Word: Shield and Mental Agility which uses 5 talent points. In the second tier we take two points into Soul Warding to reduce the cool down of Power Word: Shield. That leaves us with 3 pts needed to reach the third tier of talents. We end up with 1 Discretionary Point on our way to 30 pts to get Barrier, so really, you'll have 4 pts to split between these two talents.

The last two choices before the third tier are Twin Disciplines and Inner Sanctum.

From Iapetus: "Spec'ing into Inner Sanctum does not provide additional spell power nor does it provide additional armor. All it does is provide either: Spell damage reduction (2/4/6) or additional movement speed increase (2/4/6) depending on what 'stance' you're in.

Also just for reference.
Base speed: 100%
Boot enchant: 108%
Inner Will: 110%
Inner Will + Sanctum: 112%/114%/116%"

Twin Disciplines clearly increases output for both healing and damage. If a player chooses Inner Sanctum instead, there’s a few reasons I can see for the choice. If they run Inner Fire, they get a spell power boost which does increase output, just at a lesser rate than Twin Disciplines. They increase their survivability by getting more Armor and Spell damage reduction. These players are expecting to need more defense. If they are running Inner Will, then they can maximize their run speed. And with the tier set, can guarantee a minimum run speed when needed. It helps against snares and slows. Points in Inner Sanctum over Twin Disciplines are a lot more common amongst the Arena specs.

Wherever you decide to put these four points, once we get past this threshold it’s easy to finish your 31 pts in the Discipline tree.

2/2 Renewed Hope – this adds a 10% crit chances from anyone with the Weakened Soul or who has a stack of grace on them. Crits will proc Divine Aegis, so we enjoy 200% crits with a nice shield to boot.

1/1 Power Infusion – as many Disc Priests move away from Haste because of the talents available in the Disc tree. Power Infusion is one of them. Power Infusion increases all cast time speeds by 20%. While we can only use it every 2 minutes, it’s 20 seconds of getting off the hard cast spells that really count. It also reduces the mana cost of all spells by 20%, which does stack with Inner Will for Instants.

1/1 Inner Focus – Mana can drain quickly if a Disc Priest is needing to Shield often, throwing out Greater Heals and Flash Heals, and doing a lot of dispelling. Inner Focus allows us to have a Mana Free Heal and increases our Crit Chance of that heal by 25%. And yes, it will stack with Renewed Hope, giving a Weakened Soul or Graced player an increased 35% crit. And once you take the Strength of Soul talent, you’ll probably macro this ability.
3/3 Rapture – Shields are often beat down, so getting that 6% mana regen is great so that we can keep on casting.

2/2 Borrowed Time – A MUST have talent. If we are not going to spec into Haste, we must spec into Borrowed Time. After every shield we get a 14% spell haste for our next cast time spell. Instants and channeled spells will not use this effect. The Haste bonus lasts for the duration of the cast. So if you only use instants and cast Divine Hymn in the last second of Borrowed Time, it will have the haste bonus for the duration of the channel. (I'm unclear if the Shadowfiend gets the Haste Benefit. I *think* it's reset with each of his swing timers.) Disc Priests must get used to using casting a shield and hard-casting shortly thereafter. It also prevents us from spamming shields, as that wastes the borrowed time.

2/2 Strength of Soul – While Greater Heal and Flash Heal will help us reduce the Weakened Soul debuff so that we can shield our allies again, it is the second part of this talent that is very important to a PvP Player: Immune to Silence, Dispel, and Interrupts for 5 seconds!

1/1 Pain Suppression – Disc Priests reduce damage. Pain Suppression is an important talent as it gives a large damage reduction of 40% for 8 seconds. Disc players should be taking the glyph so it can be cast while stunned. This will help keep you alive when players are wailing at you. Also, this is sometimes better used on your team’s Flag Carrier when enemies are attacking.

3/3 Divine Aegis – While I miss our beautiful bubbles, this talent is a must have talent. Prayer of Healing and Critical Heals (even from Renew!) will create an additional absorption bubble boosted by our Mastery. It’s another way we keep our friends standing longer on the battlefield.

2/2 Focus Will – Let’s face it, enemies like to kill the healers. So having a 10% damage reduction available is worth it. If you could always avoid damage, we’d never need this. But that is far from the reality. By keeping yourself up longer, you can keep on healing and shielding teammates.

2/2 Grace – A must have talent. Casting Penance on any player gives the Priest a 24% output boost to any additional healing you do on that target, even yourself.

1/1 Barrier – While a lot of time in PvP is spent moving, there are times when you’ll be standing still. This typically occurs when you are defending a flag or fighting on top of one. The other common situation is throwing one down into a skirmish where melee is fighting in a tight group. Don’t forget to use this! I’ve seen Disc Priests, including myself, forgetting to use this one.
After we’re done with those 31 pts, we then have a whole realm of choice open up to us again. I’ve listed them in order of most common to least common. Most Disc Priests go for Desperate Prayer and Inspiration as the must have talents. The last 10 pts seems to be where you’ll see a lot of difference in Disc Priests, so find what works best for you.

3/3 Empowered Healing – in order to get to Desperate Prayer and Inspiration, 5 pts have to go into the Holy Tree. Every Priest I saw took 3/3 Empowered Healing – nobody skipped this talent. It’s the biggest healing output boost available.

2/2 Renew – This was more common than Divine Fury for two reasons. One, Healers have to keep moving. Instants can be cast on the go. While Renew isn’t the most mana efficient talent, it can be cast while moving as it is an instant. Two, Divine Fury lowers the cast time of Smite, Holy Fire, Heal, and Greater Heal. As most PvP Disc Priests are casting Mind Spikes and Mind Blasts instead of Smite and Holy Fire, and most Disc Priests do not cast Heal, the only real spell that benefits is Greater Heal. (see Divine Fury)

2/3 or 3/3 Divine Fury – Greater Heal is one of our core spells in healing, so reducing its cast time means we can really speed up it’s cast time with Borrowed Time. It’s more efficient than Flash Heal, but the long cast time makes it interruptible. Priests that feel they can get the cast time of this off will prefer this to Renew.

2/2 Inspiration – Given that our most common healing spells are Penance, Prayer of Mending, Greater Heal, and Flash Heal – all of these will proc Inspiration. And when these crit they also cause Divine Aegis. That’s a Win/Win.

1/1 Desperate Prayer – 30% of your health just healed back in an instant. Useful is so many situations. With good Resilience, a Priest can keep themselves going for a long time.

2/2 Veiled Shadows – Fade can be useful against some pets as the pet can sometimes be fooled into attacking another player. But the real utility is in the Shadowfiend. While most people think of the Shadowfiend as mana regeneration, I think of the Shadowfiend as DPS. It doesn’t do massive amounts of Damage (around 5000 hp), but it does Damage! It also creates another target to add to the confusion. Sick it on an enemy pet and fade to peel it. That is a useful tool for us in many situations, so having it come up every 4 minutes means it will be useful. In Arenas, you may need it for the mana!

2/3 or 3/3 Darkness – Some Priests want some Haste, and Darkness is just a large boost to Haste. Combined with Borrowed Time, it can really help cast times.

2/2 Reflective Shield – Probably the one most Priests think is useless, and one I hear is the “soloing” talent, Reflective Shield is good against one or two opponents, not great versus multiple opponents. 45% damage reflected back at one attacker is great. 45% damage reflected against the 5 people beating you up spreads it out too thin. For Disc Healers that find themselves in the fracas a lot, this can be useful when pets are bashing on you or the one Melee has discovered your existence while his friends are still ignoring you. But in terms of choice, there's so many better talents to choose than this one.

Summary: With so many good talents in the tree, it’s hard to choose. Much of the decisions comes down to play style and comfort. These talents make a Disc Priest “feel” slightly different, and those subtle differences matter. If it feels right, you’ll play it better.
Stat Priority:

I’m thinking it’s:
Int > Spirilience > Crit and Mastery > Haste ; Special = Hit and Spell Penetration

Intellect is still our primary stat. Larger Mana pool, more spell power, bigger effects from Rapture, Shadowfiend, Hymn… it can’t get much better than this. More Input (mana), greater output (spell power)… that’s very much what people mean when they say Intellect is your throughput stat.

Spirilience is the combination of Spirit and Resilience. In reading Arena Junkies, having Resilience between 3200 (the point where it starts hitting Diminishing Returns) and 3800 seems to be the high end goal. As for Spirit, the right amount that is where it seems to work… it’s painfully subjective. Therefore, as a Disc Priest is gearing up, this is one of the areas to tweak. You can gem for resilience until you get enough to switch back to Spirit. Once you get enough Ruthless pieces, you'll easily have 4K resilience and Resilience will drop off your radar completely. I tend to be in the 1500-1800 Spirit range.

Crit and Mastery are a little unique to stack. Mastery gives a Discipline Priest a larger damage shield for both Power Word: Shield and the Divine Aegis effect from Crits or Prayer of Healing. Crit will proc Divine Aegis more frequently. A Disc Priest doesn't cast Prayer of Healing as much, so Disc Priests rely on the critical hit to proc Divine Aegis, mostly through the Strength of Soul and Inner Focus Talents. Shields and Aegis are magic effects; they may be dispelled.

Right now I'm stacking Crit a little more than Mastery. As Aegis can stack, and I'm more likely to be casting healing on my Shielded Target (especially at Arena), I'd rather it stack more often than being slightly bigger by Mastery. Crit does has an awful diminishing return where Mastery does not. It's just another place to tweak.

For Haste, it takes a significant amount of haste to lower the cast times of spells or to earn an extra tick of Renew. Every moment can count at PvP. Hard casts are precious moments when enemies are on the field out for your blood. Again, there are talents in the Disc tree that help with Haste, thus pushing this farther down the priority list when stacking stats. Get used to "A Shield then A Heal" type casting. We can use Power Infusion on ourselves when we need a Haste Boost. Also, Lifeblood from Herbalism works. I don't recommend using both Power Infusion and Lifeblood at the same time. If you can stunned in one, you can recover with the other.

Lastly, I’ve read that we do have a minimum amount of spell penetration that would help. In order for our Dispels, Fears, and Damage to not be resisted, we require the following (Thank you Iaepetus for clarifying!):

“Hit rating needs to be at 4% (or 410 hit rating 'points') in order to not miss under normal circumstances. Spell penetration needs to be at 195 to not be resisted, 240 to not be resisted by mages, warlocks and worgen, but due to item levels you'll nearly be reaching 240 with a single item so don't worry too much about it beyond 195.”

Hit rating can be obtained through enchants, gems, and reforging. The harder stat is Spell Penetration. Unless you take a DPS no spirit gear item (i.e. the Ruthless Cloak or the neck is our best option), there’s only three sources that I’ve found for it. First, there is Enchant Cloak – Greater Spell Piercing which adds +70 Spell Penetration. There’s a Stormy Ocean Sapphire Blue Gem for +50 Spell Penetration. Lastly, there’s a Vivid Dream Emerald Green Gem that offers +25 Spell Penetration and +20 Resilience.

I haven’t quite gotten the hang of the “Seasons” yet, but right now we’re in Season 10. What I do know is that PvP gear is obtained in a few ways:

1.) Crafted Pieces. Certain crafts, (e.g. tailoring,) can craft PvP pieces.
2.) Drops. Certain bosses, like the Tol Barad boss, drop PvP pieces.
3.) Honor Points. Participating in Battlegrounds earns Honor Points to spend at the Honor Vendor. Justice Points earned may be converted to Honor Points.
4.) Conquest Points. These points are earned for winning the first battleground once per day, participating in Rated Battlegrounds, and participating in Arena fights. Valor Points earned may be converted into Conquest Points.
5.) Badge Vendors. Certain vendors, such as the Tol Barad Quartermaster, will sell PvP gear in exchange for a unique type of currency. These are generically called badges and are earned by completing quests and other objectives. (For Tol Barad, it’s Tol Barad commendations.)

PvP gear is easily recognizable as it will have Resilience as a secondary stat. Resilience reduces player versus player damage… a very important stat when all of the opponents in PvP are other players. The highest iLevel pieces are bought with Conquest points. Until a player can get enough conquest points to have a full set just start somewhere and keep going. Decide if the next piece of gear will be a “tier set bonus” piece, a non-matching tier piece, or a different slot item. Getting matching pieces from a set grants additional benefits, which may change from tier to tier. Non-tier pieces tend to be cheaper, as they do not provide any additional bonuses.

Some PvP gear may be enhanced with gems and enchants. There are some specific gems and enchants for PvP (i.e. those that offer Resilience). A Disc Priest will use gems, enchants, and reforge gear to give them the “feel” they are after.

Because the tier gear only needs 4 of the 5 pieces, there is a decision to be made. Decisions are just so common for a Disc Priest. Some Priests like to take the Satin Gloves, as the haste on the Mooncloth ones isn’t as desirable a stat. While reading Arena Junkies, they prefer taking the Satin Leggings, as Mastery is preferred. It’s just one of those things where min-max stat mongers can probably recommend something via statistical analysis, while others just “feel” one is better than the other. Whatever the choice, don’t sweat it.

The last thing I struggle with is the trinkets. PvE trinkets can be beneficial (as I love my Alchemist Stone), but they don’t offer Resilience. I’m seeing more and more people in chat requiring a minimum amount of Resilience. The perception is simply, “more is better.” By not having two PvP trinkets, you may be losing out on Resilience… or having to have someone judge you for less Resilience. And by taking a +spirit PvP trinket, you lose out on the Resilience instead.

After you hit 4000 Resilience, you can figure out how much more Resilience you need. What I'm seeing some players do is take a +Spirit Trinket instead of a +Resilience Trinket. (This is where you'll see Tsunami cards!) What some of these clever players do is reforge the Spirit to a different secondary stat. This way, they don't over stack Resilience with a diminishing return.

There’s three types of effect breaking trinkets: Cruelty (Crit Bonus), Meditation (Spirit Bonus), Tenacity (Resilience Bonus). These are mandatory to have (UNLESS you have a racial that mimics the effect). Healers have to decide how to stack Spirilience. The other Trinket Options: Resilience + on-use spell power (Badge of Dominance), Spirit + on-use Health (Emblem of Meditation), Resilience + on-use health (Emblem of Tenacity), or Resilience + Passive spell power (Insignia of Dominance). There’s different comfort levels with on-use trinkets versus passively proc’ing trinkets. Figure out what feels best or figure out how to best use them.

I think the Battlemaster Trinket is the best one for me. If you macro your trinket slot (/use 13 or /use 14), and then use your Desperate Prayer, you get nice a self-healing burst that comes up every two minutes.

After looking at a lot of different PvP specs, the ones I find are most common:

Prime Glyphs:

Glyph of Penance
Glyph of Power Word Shield
Glyph of Shadow Word: Death

Penance is one of our best spells, as it stacks Grace 3 times for the 24% healing boost. Having a 2 second reduction in its cool down is important as PvPers don’t take the Train of Thought talent. It’s also a useful Damaging Spell.

Power Word: Shield is one of the core spells to our healing style, so there’s no reason why we shouldn’t take this glyph. Disc Priests live by their bubbles for absorption, mana, and haste. A little healing on top of that isn’t going to hurt.

Glyph of Shadow Word: Death was the surprising glyph to me. Not having done a Shadow Spec, it just didn’t make much sense. But in PvP, this Glyph shines. When an enemy is low, especially an enemy healer, Shadow Word: Death can be used two times in a row if a target is below 25% and doesn’t die the first time. Dead opponents = less damage… so watch for those opportunities.

Glyph of Prayer of Mending is one that I use in Battlegrounds, as I tend to have time to cast it. Especially in Rated Battlegrounds, where my group is set up to maximize its efficiency. It's not one I see often on Disc PvPers. I wouldn't use if for Arena because direct options are usually better.

The other two Prime Glyphs I’ve seen were Barrier and Flash Heal. Barrier is nice, but I’m finding that Barrier is better when you’re defending a flag or in some other situation that requires you not to move. In PvP, there’s a lot of time spent on the move, so I feel I’m not always getting the full value out of my Barrier. Flash Heal can be a life saver in critical situations, but Disc Priests should hopefully be keeping people away from that 25% health mark.

Major Glyphs:

Glyph of Desperation
Glyph of Mass Dispel
Glyph of Prayer of Mending

If your opponents are any good, they will do everything they can to keep the healers from healing. Often this means stuns. Being able to offer yourself or a flag carrier a damage reduction while stunned is a big benefit, as you can’t defend yourself. This is why many Priests take the Glyph of Desperation.

Glyph of Mass Dispel is a must have glyph. The spell is very quick to cast when glyphed, affects a large area, and affects both friends and enemies. It’s a great counter to Ring of Ice. Dispelling is critical at the start of the battles as that is when players have the most buffs.

Prayer of Mending is a great healing spell at PvP as you just cast it and forget about it until the next cool down. It can bounce and finish in a blink of an eye if an opponent is using AoE effects. Instant cast spells are important, and this one will get used a lot.

When looking at some Arena specs, I did see Glyph of Inner Fire creep up a few times. I didn’t see it a lot in battlegrounds when I inspected the talents of other Disc players. This may be more of an Arena glyph, where getting peels may be more of a pipe dream or they're facing a lot of Melee Cleave teams earlier in the season.

Glyph of Dispel Magic gives a little healing, but honestly, I didn't see it very often in specs. With Mass Dispel being so quick and having the benefit of dispelling helpful and harmful effects, it just doesn't seem worth it as there are better options. Also, Mass Dispel's tooltip reads: "This dispel is potent enough to remove Magic effects that are normally undispellable." Mass Dispel doesn't remove 2 effects, just one, but has this additional benefit. Mass Dispel Prioritizes Immunity Effects: Paladin Divine Shield (aka Pally Bubble), Paladin Hand of Freedom, Mage Ice Block, and Rogue Cloak of Shadows.

Minor Glyphs:

Glyph of Levitate
Glyph of Shackle Undead
Glyph of Shadowfiend

Levitate is a must have glyph. Some battlegrounds have water, and Levitate allows us to run across water when there isn’t a Shaman or Death Knight available to offer us the mounted versions. It also helps when someone tries to shove you off a cliff or you decide to jump to get away rather than dying.

While our Shadowfiend rarely dies, the Shadowfiend glyph will give us extra mana in case it does.

Getting an extra 5 yards to Shackle Undead isn’t the greatest in the world, but it offers us the most choice is preventing undead damage. (Shackle the Undead, Fear the DK, Remove the Frost Disease, Lifegrip someone and RUN DISC, RUN!) As other options: Fortitude is our raid buff, so decreasing its cost is fine. We sometimes do refresh it for those that have died. Fade has some utility against pets, which can be useful for getting a teammate to peel the pet.
Gems: I gem in the following order: Meta, Red, Blue, Yellow.

Meta Gems:

The Meta Gem Slot will likely be the Ember Shadowspirit Diamond. If the choice is to go with a different one, be sure and check your gem requirements, as this may affect your choice of hybrid gems.

When I look at the Meta Gems of Priests, I see the Ember Shadowspirit Diamond all the time. (+54 Int and 2% Max Mana) I started with this one, but then decided to try exploring some of the other ones. Yet another area where a Disc Priest gets to flavor their character. For pure healing, stick with the Ember Shadowspirit Diamond as it increase throughput with more mana and more spellpower. But for you tinkerers:

Enigmatic Shadowspirit Diamond (+54 Crit, Reduces Snares and Roots by 10%): I was running this one a lot. I loved it. Part of being a Healer is getting locked down to prevent healing. With good resilience, players are learning to not kill the healer. I am likely to go back to this one. The crit boost, while minor, is nice. Update: I decided not to go back to this one. While DKs are common enough for it to be useful, I decided to go with the Stun Reduction.

Revitalizing Shadowspirit Diamond (+54 Spirit, +3% to Healing Criticals): I didn’t really notice this one very much. If the skirmish is crazy, I’m going out of mana anyway so the spirit wasn’t as helpful. The Crit boost wasn’t very noticeable.

Fleet Shadowspirit Diamond (+54 Mastery, Minor Run Increase): The little bump to Mastery was nice, and the Run increase does seem to stack with Inner Will. With the Tier set allowing us a minimum speed when slowed, I found that I could get just a little farther away when suddenly surrounded and slowed. I’m finding I’m getting locked down more, so I left this one.

Destructive Shadowspirit Diamond (+54 Crit, 1% Spell Reflect): Meh. This one didn’t last too long. Melee is more of the issue when you’re being attacked. I was running this with Reflective Shield to see how they would do against some spell casters. They burn you faster than you can burn them thanks to their DPS specs. My one DK friend runs with this one, and he said it doesn't proc very often... but when it does, the match is essentially over and he wins.

Forlorn Shadowspirit Diamond (+54 Int, Silence Duration Reduced by 10%): Int is yummy, and this one provided that. Silence happens at several times in the battlegrounds I’ve been in, so it has some utility. I just don’t think that it’s as useful as the Ember Shadowspirit if you’re going for Int. Some players (see comments below) prefer this one. You can use Pain Suppression when stunned, but you can't heal when silenced. And a good DK knows when to Strangulate you.

Powerful Shadowspirit Diamond (+81 Stam, Stun Duration Reduced by 10%): This is the one I’m currently trying out. I had gotten so tired of being Sapped by Rogues. And in a rated battleground this is so amazingly common that I mindlessly Holy Nova when running around. Update: the extra stamina gives your max Aegis a little boost and increases your survivability slightly. I've settled on this one. In Arenas, Rogues are expecting you to trinket out of a sap so they can apply Blind for a longer stun duration. They'll even open up on you hoping you trinket. They can keep you sapped and when you get out of it just slightly faster, you can get off a Shield on your partner. All in all, Warriors and Rogues can be a problem, but this gem makes them more manageable.

--> I recommend the Powerful Shadowspirit Diamond. You may have less mana, but you'll find you survive longer with it. Plus, with a little extra Stam, you get a slightly larger maximum on Divine Aegis. Great for when you're just sitting around defending a flag and just casting it over and over again to max its shield.

Really, go with what annoys you the most. Stuns? Go Powerful. Silence? Go Forlorn? Mana? Go Ember. Tailor your Gem to your weakness.
Red Slot:

The Red Slot is the most straightforward slot as you want to put a Brilliant Inferno Ruby right into it. But if you need to tweak, the options are included.

Brilliant Inferno Ruby (+40 Int) - Red Gem

Artful Ember Topaz (+20 Int, +20 Mastery) – Orange Gem
Potent Ember Topaz (+20 Hit, +20 Crit) – Orange Gem
Purified Demonseye (+20 Int, +20 Spirit) - Purple Gem
Willful Ember Topaz (+20 Int, +20 Resilience) – Orange Gem
Vieled Demonseye (+20 Int, +20 Hit) – Purple Gem


The Blue Slot is a brute force slot. Figure out what you’re working towards, and try to get there with blue. Need more hit, get more hit. Need more spirit, get more spirit. Otherwise, throw an Int + Something gem in. Six gems stand out in this category.

Purified Demonseye (+20 Int, +20 Spirit) - Purple Gem
Rigid Ocean Sapphire (+40 Hit) – Blue Gem
Sparkling Ocean Sapphire (+40 Spirit) - Blue Gem
Stormy Ocean Sapphire (+50 Spell Penetration) - Blue Gem
Timeless Demonseye (+20 Int, +30 Stam) – Purple Gem
Vieled Demonseye (+20 Int, +20 Hit) – Purple Gem


The Yellow slot is hands down the most annoying color we have. This is where a Disc Priest should tweak their stats accordingly. Without looking at Haste Gems, there are 10 viable gems that can be placed into a Yellow Slot.

Artful Ember Topaz (+20 Int, +20 Mastery) – Orange Gem
Fractured Amberjewel (+40 Mastery) – Yellow Gem
Jagged Dream Emerald (+20 Crit, +30 Stam) – Green Gem
Mystic Amberjewel (+40 Resilience) – Yellow Gem
Piercing Dream Emerald (+20 Crit, +20 Hit) – Green Gem
Potent Ember Topaz (+20 Int, +20 Crit) – Orange Gem
Smooth Amberjewel (+40 Crit) – Yellow Gem
Steady Dream Emerald (+20 Resilience, +30 Stamina) – Green Gem
Vivid Dream Emerald (+20 Resilience, +25 Spell Penetration) – Green Gem
Willful Ember Topaz (+20 Int, +20 Resilience) – Orange Gem

Iapetus does have a great list of enchants at:

The only one that is missing is the spell penetration one for the cloak.

Enchant Cloak - Greater Spell Piercing

I've done my research mostly on the forums, arena junkies, and Iapetus has been an incredible help.

I've spent a lot of time inspecting other Disc players in battlegrounds. (I especially love seeing "Disc Priest 3.9K Resilience looking for RBG!" I mind vision them, sneak up on them, and inspect them from head to toe, from talents to glyphs.

My guildies too, have been really great in pointing me at some good resources.

And anyone else who contributes, THANK YOU!
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Nice guide xD

Pretty sure I'll have to read it more than once to soak all of that info into my head!

Good to see priests out there putting such effort into helping others. =)
Int does not provide hit
07/29/2011 12:14 PMPosted by Myboyjeezus
Int does not provide hit

Thanks, I'll update that!
Forlorn Shadowspirit Diamond is IMO better than Powerful Shadowspirit Diamond for priests.
The stam might help, but the stuns at least in arena either come all at once when your focused (cast pain suppression in stun) or at the beginning when you're sapped.
Now a silence can happen anytime (mages/DKs) and they quickly change targets, so you're just standing there watching your partner/s get crushed.
I do die to stuns, don't get me wrong, but BUT, my partners die a lot more due to silences.

I do die to stuns, don't get me wrong, but BUT, my partners die a lot more due to silences.

agreed its very viable to take the silence reduction gem
Putting my two cents in on the metas:
I personally don't see much use for the Forlorn or Powerful diamonds. They might have a use here or there but stuns and silences just don't last long enough anymore for me to use them.

10% reduction breakdown:
8s duration stun lasts 7.2s
7s lasts 6.3s
6s lasts 5.4s
5s lasts 4.5s
4s lasts 3.6s
3s lasts 2.7s
2s lasts 1.8s
1s lasts 0.9s
Rogue Sap is an annoying Stun, so are Warrior / Felguard charges. What other stuns are there?

I'm running into Snares a bit more... and breaking out early of those cyclones are much better for me.
If they run Inner Fire, they get a spell power boost which does increase output, just at a lesser rate than Twin Disciplines. They increase their survivability by getting more Armor and Spell damage reduction.

Spec'ing into Inner Sanctum does not provide additional spell power nor does it provide additional armor. All it does is provide either: Spell damage reduction (2/4/6) or additional movement speed increase (2/4/6) depending on what 'stance' you're in.

Also just for reference.
Base speed: 100%
Boot enchant: 108%
Inner Will: 110%
Inner Will + Sanctum: 112%/114%/116%

2/2 Focus Will – Let’s face it, enemies like to kill the healers. So having a 20% damage reduction available is worth it. If you could always avoid damage, we’d never need this. But that is far from the reality. By keeping yourself up longer, you can keep on healing and shielding teammates.

Focus Will 'only' provides a 10% damage reduction. Two stacks of 5% with two points in the talent. Still is a must have talent so it's really no big deal, the information is just wrong.

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