[Nightsaber Cub] redemption "does not exist"

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There appears to be a database issue with the new WoW TCG expansion "Twilight of the Dragons" Nightsaber Cub loot card code. Currently they do not validate in the Blizzard Promotion website:

According to the post below in the Cryptozoic (makers of the WoW TCG) forums, it appears to be a known problem:

Can a blue please confirm that this is being looked into?

Anyone else experiencing the dreaded "Redemption key does not exist" with other loot codes?
Would be great to get some word on this.
As would I. I have two codes, one for me one for my GF, but I don't want to risk losing them so I'm not using them till I hear it's safe.
All it says if you try is that the code doesn't exist, no chance you can lose them. Not sure whose end the problem is on, but it would be nice to hear some word Blizzard is at least aware of the issue.
1. Have you called Billing to say you're unable to redeem the code?

2. Where did you get the code?
Just called Blizzard,

They said my code was invalid. I suspect that all the codes are good and that Blizzard and Cryptozoic didnt activate them some how in the system. I bought mine from WoW TCG Loot. They have noted the problem. I suspect somebody will be issuing alot of new codes. LOL
From Cryptozoic's website:

Hi - Just a heads-up that we are aware of the issue and investigating. This will be fixed ASAP.




So, everyone cross your fingers and hope... :)
I to bought 2 code and neither work yet =(
I just talked to an employee at blizzard employeeand he acted like he didnt know what i was taling about... He speculated that it could be european or asian codes... I bought 4 yesterday and none would redeem..
I cannot redeem my Nightsaber cub either, very annoying
I also cannot redeem my code for the Nightsaber cub loot.
Blizzard Support, we understand you guys must be very busy, but pretty please can we get an update/acknowledgment that you guys are working on this? Any timeframe would be a huge bonus too!
well i bought 4 packs in walmart and to my surprise i got my nightsaber cub loot card.but like everyones i am unable to redeem it. blizzard better get this fix with the guys at Cryptozoic's. and stop giving lame excuses.
Ditto. Just tried to redeem a code for the cub and got the same "Redemption Code Does Not Exist" error.
I have 4 Nightsaber Cub codes, though I have given 3 away to my nephew and nieces (great, now I look like a lame aunt <rolls eyes>). My code results in me putting in the "security input" twice, then gives the "redemption code does not exist" message.

Granted, it's a vanity pet, but still it is an item for which so many have paid and not received, with no resolution estimation provided.

What did they do, only put page 1 in the database?

Getting pretty annoyed at this point...
When people were not able to redeem their Burning Crusade collectors edition netherwhelp pet on the EU servers you gave them a Murloc pet as compensation until you fixed the error. We can't even get a response/update as to what the problem is or what is being done to fix it.
Blizzard and Cryptozoic...SUPPORT YOUR PRODUCT.

At least Crypto acknowledge there's a problem. Blizzard hasn't said a thing. I'm sure there are plenty of us just lurking around til there's a response and many many more who just have no clue what's going on and think they've been burned.

Get on the ball please, acknowledge the issue and give us an ETA. We can understand if it will take time to fix but the least you could do is keep the people who are being affected by this issue in the loop.
Same problem. Please fix this.
Same issue here. Boo!
I have 4 Nightsaber Cub codes, though I have given 3 away to my nephew and nieces (great, now I look like a lame aunt <rolls eyes>).

Hah, love that a chunk of your family games together! :D

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