Wailing Caverns entrance...

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Color me confused, but I can't seem to find it. Is it only accessible through the dungeon finder now?
Er. I'm staring at my world map right now right on top of the location where said dungeon is. There are no water pools and there is no cave. Just the great divide, hills, and flatland. I keep running around the area as well and find no indication that there is any type of dungeon even though my world map is saying that I'm standing right on top of it. I'm wondering if it's completely underground and I'm unable to get to it, or the map is just buggy and useless.
Hmm. Is there an AddOn that fixes the world map? Mine's all bugged to hell and showing the wrong locations.

edit: Yep. My character marker on my world map shows me way south of the Stagnant Oasis and below the Great Divide, yet I'm at the WC entrance. ugh. Well that wasn't fun.

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