Just hit lvl 80 - now what?

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I just hit lvl 80 last night and I'm looking for advice on what to start with next. I had maxed honor so I bought myself 2 items - a new weapon, and new armor.

Should I continue doing BGs to get honor for more pieces?
Should I start on some instances to get some good drops?
Should I quest? (Quests are not my favorite thing)

Just looking for some advice of what's next.
Well if you don't like to quest don't especially if you only have WOTLK and not Cataclysm.

Do you like PvP? or Do you like PvE. There is no "right" way to play the game. Do what you enjoy the most.
I do have cataclysm - which is specifically why I was asking :)

I'm curious which will get some cata gear the quickest. Want to replace most of what I have soon.
Questing then, You really have to quest to get Cata greens to be able to do cata dungeons. You may want to buy a piece or two off the AH because the gear gap can be pretty brutal.
Thanks, exactly what I wanted to know!

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