Hunters in Vanilla?

Were hunters horrible in Vanilla?
I swear i remember AFK autoshot win in Vanilla, but my friend is argueing with me saying they were sooo bad and in BC thats why they were OP..?
But I Cant remember.
Before 2.0 we rocked, 2.0 - 3.0 we were rocky

When they stopped aimed shot from resetting both the gcd and auto shot timer at the end of it's cast allowing aimed -> auto -> Multishot we could dish out some nice burst. When 2.0 hit and we all that AP from Agi conversion my hunter felt like a wet noodle.
arcane shot dispel was kinda fun
07/29/2011 05:12 PMPosted by Cheetahfeet
arcane shot dispel was kinda fun

That was in 2.0, not Vanilla, other than the last month or so before BC released.

Hunters were OK in Vanilla. Pre-normalization, hunters with slow weapons (ideally Ash'jrethul at 3.4 speed, but 3.3 speed blues like BSX/CSX were great too) did very good DPS, but the whole DPS metric was different - classes and specs varied very widely and blizzard didn't care at all if some were completely non-competitive, and the raids were 40m, so often even if a class was doing very middle of the pack DPS, it would be brought for various types of utility. You couldn't really do bosses that frenzied without us for instance, and we were quite handy for pulling in MC, BWL and Naxx (AQ40 pulls were simpler, the trash itself just sucked). Theory craft wasn't very widespread or organized either, so plenty of people of all classes just played wrong until late in Vanilla. THreat meters didn't exist most of vanilla and the real risk of pulling aggro and dying was something many classes had to contend with, since hunters and rogues were the only ones with a threat wipe (locks got soul-shatter eventually).

By Naxx hunter itemization was getting very good though, and theorycraft was a bit more organized and well known. Raids were also more demanding so comparing and maximizing your DPS was also more relevant. Hunters were relatively well off on damage meter position in Naxx, especially with the T3 6pc granting basically unlimited mana (although we had little to use it on) and the change to GfTT granting pets 50 focus on hunter crits, meaning hunter+fast bow+ wind serpent was great dps.

If you mean for PvP, it's hard to compare, because no one had resilience, PvE gear was better than PvP gear, both were hard to get, and casters had no armor and mostly little health - you could oneshot an undergeared mage with a single Aimed Shot crit for instance, and Aimed->Multi would bring most non-plate low if you crit. I've always been bad at PvP but could wreck people in BGs by late in Vanilla, because I had Naxx gear to run around in and most people were a tier and a half behind if that.
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30 survival

lol. meleeing the boss to death ftw
Used Broken tooth, the ZG bat and the SFK wolf and then used the fast HuHus stinger (still have it) and was the horror to any spell casters. To go up in PvP ranks you had to PvP till your eyes bled.
Having to FD/eat because of horrid mana regen is something I don't miss.

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To go up in PvP ranks you had to PvP till your eyes bled.

And then keep playing.
I remember that when I was raiding Molten Core and Blackwing Lair, that one of our Hunter's was consistently the highest DPS in our guild. That's totally anecdotal though. I think he had the Warlord weapons from PvP as well.

EDIT addition: Also, none of the other hunters in my guild came close to doing as much DPS as that one guy.
Hunters in vanilla pvp were untouchable if you could play them correct. I still use the knight title I got from back then on this char just to bring back the good memories.
I started playing in bc.I would love 2 see what the talent trees looked like back then.Is that any sites that let you view the old tree's?Id love to check out how it was back then.
Lol I remember being able to *@#@ rogues in 1v1 melee in vanilla..Counterattack, deterrence, AotM 4tw
BM Hunters were the best PvP class when Takk the Leaper, etc. all ran faster than even epic mounts. BW + Intimidation = dead anything. Can't kite what moves faster than anything in the game. Once pets were nerfed and attack speed was normalized, Survival became the spec-to-be due to the fact that, at the time, we were a 2:1--Agi:AP ratio class and LR was extremely strong at high tier levels. Survival also happened to be amazing in PvP because of how high our crit was, and in Classic most 1v1's and 2v1's were decided by who got chain crits. Also, Scatter Shot was very, very strong and the fact that at the time Survival had incredibly GOOD melee dps output due to Improved Raptor Strike and Mongoose Bite.

We were in a really, really good state in Classic. I think Hunters are one of the top 3 most GMs/HWLs (pre-Honor ranking system change) next to Warriors and Mages.
The pvp itemization for hunters was crap though, I went till rank 11 and finally had enough. I still have my giantstalker and dragonstalker set as well. Cant bear to junk em.

The only 1 item I have that is still relevant in game currently is

I get lots of funny whispers when I use this in Bgs as well

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