Unlearning Secondary Professions

This certainly is not a critical change, but would as long as the functionality exists to unlearn primary professions, could that programming be applied to secondary professions as well, so characters could unlearn those if they choose? Again, not a change necessary to game play, but some people may wish to unlearn secondary professions, and the coding itself can simply be taken from the functionality of primary professions.
there is no real reason to delete a secondary profession since you can learn them all and theres nothing to replace them with.

this is just more work for bliz, 1st to add the functionality then ongoing support for the people putting in tickets to have them restored cause they accidently deleted it, or didnt think they would want it and now they do.

theres just no benifit or use in droping a secondary profession.
I would drop fishing so no one would know i wasted a couple hours on that crap.
I can only assume archaeology is the inspiration for this post. I'm guessing it has something to do with getting 2 of a rare and not wanting to level it on multiple toons. I fail to see why leveling it on 1 toon multiple times would be better, though.

A user can simply do a search, for already suggested suggestions. That functionality exists.

This one has been suggested thousands of times, for the last 5 or 6 years or whatever.

Blizzard always says "no", when it comes up.

somethin funny i have engineering & mining as my primary and fishing,first aid,archeology & cooking.but i want blacksmithing and it wont let me learn it or drop anything except the primaries that I want to keep
Black smithing is a primary. You can only have 2 at a time so you would have to drop either engineering or mining to pick it up.

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