How much MB does WoW use per hour?

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how much MB does WoW take up per hour?
I have virizion wireless intenret and allowed 5k MB a month.
Anyone know how much it takes to play WoW?
Since I last restarted, I've been connected for 28 hours and received 375 megabytes. I'm not sure how much is from WoW, but I doubt I could last on 5k MB.
I used to use Verizon wireless. The 5gig plan is fine as long as you don't need to redownload the game. However, I sucks when you do raids of any kind. 5-man dungeons are ok but not great.
>.> and im usually a raid healer for my groups
I don't know how much bandwidth the game requires since our account is not capped and we've not had reason to monitor the traffice. I was curious however and found the following article from 2008.

The highest bandwidth I've ever heard of WoW using at a time is 30 KBps; this is in situations like raid fights or zoning into a city when there's a lot of data flying around. So if WoW was always running at peak bandwidth, 24x7, you'd be looking at around 70 GB per month, a sizable chunk of your cap. However, I rarely if ever see it go as high as 30 KBps; typical usage is more like 5 or below, often even in the sub-1 KBps range. And nobody plays WoW 24x7 all month, I hope.

Let's say your average WoW bandwidth is 2 KBps, which I believe to be a reasonable estimate. That comes out to about 7 MB per hour. So to estimate your monthly usage from WoW, multiply that 7 MB by how many hours you play a day (on average), then by 30. The average WoW player is on for something like 20 hours a week, which comes out to 600 MB per month - about 0.2% of 250 GB. Even if you were on 24x7 all month, you'd still only be looking at 4.8 GB, less than 2% of the cap. [Edited to fix numerical mistakes]

In short, you won't have to cut back on WoW to stay under a 750 GB per month cap.
Thanks Driani!
I tried the Virgin MiFi 5Gb plan.

I also monitored ALL network traffic Up/Down, and I pulled about 7.25GB in the first month.

This is with 2 WoW accounts going and a few Virus/Driver updates once a week.
It also depends on how high your graphics settings are.

Me & my BF play about 12 hours per week each and we go though 1gb a month solely on wow. We have full graphics settings though.

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