[H] For the huddled masses...

Wyrmrest Accord
*Kal just rubs his forehead with one gauntlet* You're going to encourage him.
Again? I'm game.

(Also, if a lady asks if she can burn off all your clothes, you say yes.)
If there's money in it, I'll punch him wherever you want.
*Looks at the dark haired elf with a smile* What am I encouraging?

*Looks at the other elf* You say that now, but I have a feeling you--

*Blinks at the goblin's statement and loses her concentration, the fireball disappearing* Well, now, anywhere would be rather nasty. I liked my idea better.
I often have this effect on women.
*chuckles and rekindles the fireball in her palm, bouncing it twice before sending it by the goblin's head and on beyond to singe a small scorpion* A temporary thing I am sure.

Good thing I bring Dispels.
*shrieks and hits the dirt as a fireball sizzles past her head, prickly pears flying everywhere*

*pushes herself to her feet, globes of livid darkness erupting from the ground and swirling around her like angry hornets; sickly green-black shadow trickles from her palms*

*makes a visible effort to control herself, pushing the Shadow back, as she is still outnumbered and outclassed*

Forget it.

*starts gathering the prickly pears back up, close to tears*
*After successfully managing to lick his own nostril, he stopped at the sound of the fireball, blinking and looking to the dropped goblin and the other elves.*

huh? What?

*Snorts loudly and clops over to Pippuri, reaching a large hand down to help scoop up some of the prickly pears and hand them to her*

You get used to it.

*he offers a toothy smile and points to his cloak* I'm a billboard!
*sniffles, wiping her impressive nose on the back of her sleeve*



I'm just a little jumpy around fireballs. Kezan... *sneeze*

Anyway... *sneeze*

*she looks up at the Tauren helplessly*

Would you mind standing a little *sneeze* ...downwind?
*watches pears go flying and the shadow orbs come up* Hey now! That wasn't meant-- *watches Freshy come over to console the goblin* Oh now, how sweet, except you're killing her with sneezes. *hands over a scrap of linen to the goblin* My apologies.
*she looks at the proffered scrap of cloth as if expecting it to sprout poisoned needles*
*frowns at the hesitation* Oh, come now. It doesn't bite! *shakes it at her* Take it.
*she takes it gingerly, giving it a couple of good shakes before applying it to her conk*


*looks slightly downtrodden at the sneezing, scratching his neck and only succeeding in pelting the poor goblin with more shed fur. With a cough he stepped back and behind Toyomae, snorting loudly, and windilly, into her bouffant hair, eyeing the other two elves to see if they were allergic to him as well.*

Wasn't that the handkerchief you used to wipe the seagull droppings off your saddle?

*turns toward Freshy* What? NO! That's just... gross. *smirks at Freshy* I threw that one out on the grou-- I mean *laughs a little* I threw it in the proper trash receptacle... I think. *eyes the cloth in the goblin's hand, then discreetly looks down to her open bag*

How did you like the pear, Freshy? *said as she moves toward the goblin then snatches the cloth from her little green hand* Done with that? *ignites the cloth*
Freshy, what are you doing here anyway? *turns to stare at him, then makes two little head gestures before she looks back to the little group*

Nice meeting you all. *smiles and curtseys* Come along, Freshy. More to do. So much more.

*sighs as she watches the moon going over Orgrimmar*
*sits down for juice and reading the news*
*hurries about Orgrimmar gathering up all the old flyers* Times up!

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