Mu'sha's Flora (Visit the tea cart!)

Moon Guard
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Scrolls are found all over major cities, stuffed into mailboxes, and hanging out of travelers' packs. They are written attractively in fresh ink on high-quality parchments.

Come and share stories over fresh tea. We brew a wide variety of teas
from our collection of the finest flora the Earthmother has to offer.
Stay and enjoy the atmosphere and company before taking some
of our incense or smoking blends with you.

We also offer natural solutions to all of your alchemical and medicinal needs.
Our concentrated consumables give you everything you expect
from the alchemy lab without the dangers or harsh side effects.
They also taste great!

Mu'sha's Flora is located in Thunder Bluff.
You can find us on the Spirit Rise in the tent that sits above
the entrance to the Pool of Visions between the two bridges.

Mu'sha's Flora was born from my own OOC love for tea and Nakawe's IC passion for herbs, medicine, and alternative alchemy.

It is my hope that it will bring more fun, immersive RP to Thunder Bluff.

As part of my dedication to quality, fully-immersive RP, all of the products offered in the shop currently exist in-game. Tangible representations of the products will not be given out at this time, however I am more than happy to use your character's materials in exchange for any alchemy product I can provide. Ask me for my list!

Though this is a "shop", you don't pay anything but your time spent RPing there! This endeavor is not for OOC monetary profit.

Hours are not set in any formal fashion. The shop is open basically whenever I'm there. If I'm not there, whisper me or send a letter!

Please visit for more information! (The wiki page is in dire need of updating! Please forgive me!)

Nakawe and her family are unsurprisingly found in Pandaria most of the time lately! She's found the continent to be a wonderful place for a tea artisan and the family yak that they purchased is perfect for carting all of her products around. For that reason, Musha's Flora, while still maintaining a home base in Thunder Bluff, is now also a mobile unit.

This makes it easier on me to be immersed fully and RP all the live-long day, but I understand that it can make it difficult for others to find me! Battle tags are the solution!

I'm offering up my battle tag for anyone wishing to interact with Nakawe or Musha's Flora as you'll be able to see precisely where I am and view my status in your friend list to see if I am open for RP. I'm very excited about this and I hope that it opens things up for new opportunities for past and future friends alike to be able to get hold of me easier!

I hope that all of us that have been wishing to connect can do so now easily!

Other Random Bits:

Nakawe is a very experienced midwife and medicine woman and opportunities involving such RP are more than welcome.

Mu'sha's Flora has something for every character! If you'd like to come interact but aren't sure what might bring your character to come visit, just ask!
Thovex still remembers Nakawe from many moons ago. I'll have to stop by some time!
She would absolutely love to see him again and catch up!
D: no cross faction RP?
If you can find a safe way into Thunder Bluff, be my guest! ;)

On a more serious note... what are you proposing? =)
I will stop by if I see you there.
You serve tentacle faces? If not, I'll stop by on a Hordie.
I think Nakawe would serve just about anyone, though I'm not sure what the Bluffwatchers walking past might think!

Hope to see you guys there!
If you can find a safe way into Thunder Bluff, be my guest! ;)

On a more serious note... what are you proposing? =)

Just some good old nice cross faction RP.

Bjorn works for the guardians of hyjal (hes pretty neutral, speaks Darnassian and Taur'ahe due to the work location :3) and has studied under a tauren herbal master that taught him his crazy herbal remedies and medicine...things like that.

Basically hes a druid without being a druid.
Oh wow, great to have you back, it is a great opportunity for rp! :)
07/31/2011 09:50 PMPosted by Björn
Just some good old nice cross faction RP.

I've never actually cross-faction RPed before! I don't know how! =(

07/31/2011 10:28 PMPosted by Veritae
Oh wow, great to have you back

It feels awesome to get this back up and running! I miss just hanging out in that tent and getting all of that amazing random RP!
I think Rahton good use a healing herb or too :3
I think we can arrange for that!
My bard will come and sing! Bring in da business.
Mu'sha's Flora's wiki page is now up to date!

Still working on scheduling the Grand Re-Opening... my tribe is quite busy this week!
I would pay a visit, but your tauren friends would think I would come to milk you and will step on me.

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