@Blizzard , give this guy a raise

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My petition:

''I am kneeling infront of you, sir or madame.

This is Dougie Fresh right here, a well known and respected member of Mannoroth and citizen of Azeroth since day one of WoW.

I am requesting, in the most honorable and respectful manners, the title of Fresh as this is how I am known around this server.

Regards kindly,

Sir Dougie Fresh, Fresher than Fresh''

Petition Answer by Game Master Velcorsee, who I'm gonna have to refer as The Boss from now on:

''Greetings Dougie, lord of Freshness!

Thanks for contacting us! Unfortunately, I didn't have the opportunity to speak with you, but I certainly hope everything is going well!

I understand you have a concern regarding the title of 'fresh'.

While we would wish nothing more, than to grant you this title Dougie, I'm afraid another currently holds it.

Sit well Dougie, and listen to this tale.

This is a tale of events which hath inverted a young ones life, and led to his eventual appointment as heir to the throne of the Bel Air Township.

Begat and reared in western Philadelphia spending many a day becoming frigid whilst filling baskets adjacent to the academy.

Ruffians ran rampant through the village; a scuffle ensued prompting his fearful mother to change his domicile to that with over kin, in Bel Air.

He summoned a cart, which appeared most gaudy, nonetheless he beseeched the driver to take him to Bel Air.

Arriving barely after nightfall, he bid the knave goodbye, as he relished his arrival at his new place of residence, where he was awarded the title of 'The Fresh Prince''

Alas, so long as this prince remains fresh, we are unable to grant this title. However... there may be a way...

While I do understand and appreciate your concern, I would like for you to consider offering any ideas you may have that can provide a positive change within the game for yourself and other players to our Development team. You can post these ideas on our Suggestions forums located: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/.

Many great things have come from player submitted ideas and suggestions. :)

I hope that this response has adequately resolved your petition! If it hasn't feel free to select Need More Help. Be sure to provide as much information about what is going on as possible. :)

If it has resolved the issue, go ahead and click on Message Read.
Thank you for playing, and have a great day!

Game Master Velcorsee
Customer Support
Blizzard Entertainement
And people say they only get canned responses.

Send feedback to:


That goes to Velcorsee's boss. It's good to say nice things about people to their boss.

Edit: Readers, there's a "like" button on the OP's post. I've clicked it. Why don't you?
07/31/2011 01:17 PMPosted by Crepe
That goes to Velcorsee's boss. It's good to say nice things about people to their boss.

In before Brown nosing comment but wow nice answer.

Readers, there's a "like" button on the OP's post. I've clicked it. Why don't you?

You're plotting against us with your schemes!
That's AWESOME!!! I love Blizzard GMs.
I lol'd.
Congrats to this gm on winning.
07/31/2011 01:19 PMPosted by Ardos
Congrats to this gm on winning.
I've never had anything but excellent experiences with Blizzard GMs, but this...this was way beyond epic.
I have to say, I have never dealt with a GM I didn't like. Those guys (and gals) are awesome.
omfg that Game Master needs an employee of the month sticker

or a raise
Only in WoW will a player get Bel Air'd by a GM.

It's usually the other way around.
A raise? This GM needs to become CEO.
Anyone else notice that the GM also suggested that he said, "You can post these ideas on our Suggestions forums located" in the answer. >.>
a few years ago i used to submit tickets all the time and talk with the gms about movies and stuff.
Why did this get moved to Customer Support?
I cant believe they moved this to the CS forums, lol.
07/31/2011 01:38 PMPosted by Bloodbliss
I cant believe they moved this to the CS forums, lol.

The Customer Support reps who work here... communicate with the GMs.

This is the appropriate forum.
This is indeed the appropriate place.

I will not request a duel mano a mano in el bano with whoever moved this thread, but actually thank him.

Thank you sir, who kindly moved this thread!
They should have waited till level capped, and its a good example of a GM being human. GMs are bad talked a lot, this would be a good way to show the community that there is a reason why we have the best customer service reps helping us in the gaming industry.

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