hotgirl irl lf 2s partner

Subject pretty much says it all...
I wanna play 2 dps so shadowpriest/rogue/ele sham/feral would be best:)
no downys or angry tomatoes! only cool cucumbers may apply please

send me a msg ingame or post here

if you would like to take an extra second to read my wow lifestory
i used to play a druid called branket here and havent played since arena season 3... i got bored of running round pillars(arena) and quit up until few weeks ago where i decided to reroll a warlock.

Hot girls dont roll male dwarves. 0/10
Have you ]seen what a female dwarf looks like?
Branket was baller. Are you lying?
bump lol
any old school kids still playing?
tich isnt working out so well for my australian play times:P
your beard is pretty hot
Screenshot of your boobs or they aren't real. But even if they aren't real please post anyway.
Get a resto shammy partner. Double dps with lock is a bad idea. Double dps is rogue/mage, rogue/rogue or mage/mage.

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