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08/29/2011 02:19 PMPosted by Voxxi
Are you done talking trash? I would reply to all this lies you just said, but sadly I have a life (gtg work in 30 minutes) and I don’t have time like you do to play a game 24/7 a week. Also don’t come saying you’re a 2.5k+ player when you got kicked because you were bad (I’m sure a bot can heal better than you do in arenas). Why you’re so mad and call me by character names rofl. . . How’s the life in your parents basement? Would ever find a gf and stop getting on does level 1 character to troll on the forum like you do? Oh and before I close the web and I go to work, nice try with druidcoin. . I’ll look him up see who’s that guy. And i dont play in this realm baddie. . .

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. This is pretty damn funny. You lose the troll war that YOU started, and tell me to stop talking trash. LOL. "i don't have time to play a game 24/7 'a week'" news flash bro, 24/7 means 24hours 7 days a week, your poor "a week" is unnecessary. I was 2600 and our druid -orto- went on vacation and we just decided to stop playing and I went to go help out Huxxor and Frawstie, which xfered to the server also. Never got Kicked from a team. Good try using my material tho. Spirited/huxxor/orto, w/e you know can tell you of my fun times I have IRL. So good logic there. Get more !@# than you do. =] My parents basement? I'm 18 and I'm upstairs bro, come find me, pedo. YOU are the person with the lvl 1 character. "nice try with druidcoin. . I'll look him up see who's that guy" You are druidcoin just by that sentence. I don't know anyone else with such a horible vocab and the usage of spaced out dots. ". . ." idiot has to think everytime he says a sentence.

Now I have time to reply to all this !@#$ you just said. You talking about poor vocab when all you say is dude, this, that, I am, you are makes me like wtf your vocab is even worse than mine and I am in middle school. I work after school with my uncle, something you need to learn lol 18 with no life. . . And yes if you think I’m druid coin, sure I am. . . Hopefully the dude (druidcoin) gets on and I will link all the %^-* you talked about him =)
08/29/2011 11:21 AMPosted by Voxxi
You sAck.

Also i dont play arenas. . . 1. too easy

Yeah? Where is gladiator?

I'm a pve player,

Doesn't look like your druid has rag down, nor does your huntard. You even suck at PvE, huh?

Heres the req for you to reach 2.2k (30+ hours of doing arenas a week)

If it takes you 30+ hours a week to get 2.2k you are doing it wrong.

2.3k-2.4k is what you will ever get again

Your English is so cute. Obv i'm going to get it again. Thanks! =]

playing a faceroll comp like you always do.

Warrior/fire mage is clearly faceroll. I've ran... MLP, Jungle cleave, Kitty cleave, WMP, RFP, DFP, and MRP. All 2.2k+ this season. If you are saying I run faceroll comps, you are calling 90% of arena comps faceroll. If it's so faceroll then... Why did you get to 2.2k, get raged at by team mates, kicked off the team, and replaced to the point where you had to xfer off? You xfered your hunter to PvP...but... you don't pvp bro =] Your excuses are so cute!

Gladiator LOL need me to link you some website that teaches you how to play paladin? Or you can give me your account and I get your gladiator dream title!scrub!. The rest I will give you some feedback when I contact some friends!trash! Because the only character you have over 2.2k is that paladin and it was this season lol. The reason I say this is because the records show you played 250+ games last season kittycleave when warrior were op (80k burst in 2 global gg) and barely reached 2.2k.
08/18/2011 10:21 PMPosted by Cyona
This thread made me lol.

Hey qt

What's cookin' good lookin'?
08/30/2011 10:39 AMPosted by Mercx

Hey qt

What's cookin' good lookin'?

Is this merciless? It's giganto

What's cookin' good lookin'?

Is this merciless? It's giganto

What's up, buddy? :)
Made this post a while back and kind of forgot about it. However some friends recently mentioned it so I figured I'd update it. Pretty much if any player on Garrosh horde side has a 2k+ achievement in any bracket and has played that character within the last month or so they're on the list. However I'm sure I missed a number of people. So feel free to mention those that I forgot and I will update the list again eventually.

And feel free to "troll". My post could use the bumps. Thanks in advance.
You sAck. Also i dont play arenas. . . 1. too easy 2. too unbalanced 3. too many trash trolls.
I'm a pve player, most arenas players are too high of themself (Kids who play 40 hour a week with no life, like you)

Edit: you said something about jungle huntard, comp you ran with a decnt hunter (hunter looked more skilled than you ever could be) and it seems the 2.6k player didnt make it too far. . . Heres the req for you to reach 2.2k (30+ hours of doing arenas a week), 2.3k-2.4k is what you will ever get again (40hour-50hour with lots of kid rage per week) playing a faceroll comp like you always do.

30 hours to reach 2.2k+?? i got 2300 in 3 hours running shadowplay at 27-5.. how is that 30 hours.. you haven't hit 2.2k in your whole career of playing this game.
08/29/2011 12:15 PMPosted by Urusk
Would ever find a gf and stop getting on does level 1 character to troll on the forum like you do?

09/03/2011 08:23 PMPosted by Inverter

Doesn't count.
09/03/2011 10:29 PMPosted by Mercx
Doesn't count.

Why? because it's one of the best comps? i ran it at the beginning of the season before it became "POPULAR" after talb and azael played it in the regionals.
Look at the EU regional brackets and count the number of Shadowplays. I counted eight...out of eight teams. What does that tell you about Shadowplay?
This is simple. Emoqt is best.
Updated as of September 18th. I've had to take off quite a few names recently. I'm removing people that haven't played in over a month or transfered off. And can't recall the last time I added someone. This short list is shrinking which is kind of scary. And for some absurd reason we have 0 feral druids and 0 frost mages over 2k. O.o
How could you miss walkthisway?

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