Garrosh 2k + arena club

2300+ warrior..I just xferd here few days ago hit me up in game
Hah yea, I just xferd horde is what I ment, Tired of alli, wanted a change.. D:
Have no fear we back up in here repping that garrosh

Frawstie(best mage) and Jarome(best shaman) are played by the same guy, also has a pally we got 2.2k with named Retlol
Battlebeatz has came back aswell but as his rogue Battlebeats
Also Bigbots aka Bigbot has came back to play with us as ret named Baboonz
Then theres me on my hunter, my priest phenom and my warrior shazz which im working on this season with my hunt.

Frawsite convinced us all to come back for MOP, were a couple months late but atleast were here to party now. We want to get Rated Bg's going so all you interested get in contact with me or one of the people I mention above !
Bump for rated bg's
I have played quite high with a few chars as well. 2200+ with my warrior Dues. And 2500+ with my pali season 5 glad, Duespal.

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